How to Complete Accidents Happen in Starfield

The less questions you ask, the better

So, we’ve successfully ruined a business partnership. Now we’ve got to cause a little accident. So, let’s jump right onto the next step in our long list of morally grey (or black) missions for Ryujin Industry. Here’s how to complete Accidents Happen in Starfield.

How to Complete Ryujin Faction Quest Accidents Happen in Starfield

We’re slowly proving our worth to Imogene and to reward us, she’s sending us to my least favorite place. Hopetown! The company town run by Ron Hope. Hopetown is on Polvo in the Valo System.

Once you land, head inside. We’ve got a little present to set up.

Place the ARC Device

So, our goal here is to not get caught. Andreja and Sophia really shine as companions here, as they both add to your stealth. If you don’t have Sophia yet, she’s actually in Neon and pretty cheap to add to your crew.

Next, from the first floor, go all the way to the back. We want to get onto the factory floor. The door the factory floor is just behind the front desk.

When you’ve made your way into the factory, get about mid-way in. You’ll see the ship where we’ll need to place the ARC Device. Go all the way left, and you’ll see a ramp that leads up towards the ship.

Once you’ve gone up the ramp, you’ll immediately see stairs.

Go up them, and you’ll enter a tight corridor that will lead to the ship. Note, there will be guards inside the ship. Climb up the ladder to get to the Access Point where you’ll need to plant the ARC Device.

Crouch and try to time your interaction with the Access Point so that the guard isn’t looking. Alternatively, wait for him to walk into the cockpit and close the door behind him. This will give you a little time.

Note, if you stand a little too close to the Access Point there’s a chance that the guard will just stand there and look at you. You can get him to start his patrol again by moving away from the Access Point.

Once you’ve successfully interacted with the Access Point and planted the ARC Device, return to Imogene to tell her about your success. You’ll get 2,500 Credits.

While you’re in Neon and your morals are already frayed and bent, why not help out a smuggler? In doing so, you’ll unlock a whole new series of quests, and the ability to make Neon’s favorite drug.

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