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How to Complete Loose Ends in Starfield

When smuggling leads to an episode of Breaking Bad...

Poor Neshar! He was immediately apprehended at the gates of Neon for smuggling. But his loss can be our gain. We just need to find him and jumpstart his quest. Here’s how to complete Loose Ends in Starfield.

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Helping Neshar in Loose Ends in Starfield

Neon is a city of smugglers, thieves, and the extremely inebriated. And it’s unfortunate for poor Neshar that he was caught before he could even step foot inside the city. But if you feel like throwing him a bone, here’s how to complete Loose Ends. Below are the quick steps you’ll need to hit, followed by a more in-depth guide below.

Here’s how to Complete Loose Ends in Starfield:

  • Speak to Neshar in the Neon Security HQ
  • Find the Sleepcrate Manager
  • Get Neshar’s Package
  • Speak to Yannick Legrande
  • Find Felix Sadler
  • Speak to Yannick Legrande

Speak to Neshar in Jail

So, once you’re in Neon, you’ll need to find Neshar. Fortunately, he’s easy to find. From the Spaceport, head right and you’ll eventually find yourself outside of Neon Security HQ. It’s opposite of GAL Bank and just before the Astral Lounge.

Screenshots by Prima Games

Neshar is inside. Just head into the back and interact with the closed door of his cell. He’ll tell you that he really, really needs to deliver a package. And he begs you to do it for him. Agree, and he’ll tell you where the package is. His sleep crate.

Find the Sleepcrate Manager

Sleepcrates are the “economical” living option in Neon. They’re essentially cargo crates outfitted with a bed. To find the manager, leave Neon HQ and head left. You’ll immediately see the Volii Hotel and a door to Ebbside. Take the door to Ebbside.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you’re in Ebbside, go straight and turn right. The Sleep Crate Manger will be right there.

Should You Purchase the Evicted Sleep Crate Contents in Neon?

Speak to her and tell her you need access to Neshar’s sleep crate. Once you give her the code, she’ll give you the chance to purchase the contents of some evicted sleep crates. Each one will cost you 1,000, and there are three total to buy. They’re not worth it. The first two are completely empty, and the final one requires a jog across Neon and leads to a weapon (possibly randomized) and a pack. I got Anti-Personnel Rescue Axe, value 975, and 1,876 Credits. The pack was also worth 900~ credits.

Find the Package in Sleepcrate C-154

Now that you have Neshar’s key, head to the sleepcrate behind the wall. Neshar’s package will be in the yellow storage container in his room.

Speak to Yannick Legrande

Next step, we’ll need to return to Bayu Plaza. That’s Neon’s main street, where we found Neon Security HQ. Remember! You can always fast travel to Neon’s Core in the star map. No need to run around everywhere.

Once you get onto Bayu Plaza, head to the Ryujin side of the main street. That’s the opposite of the Astral Lounge. Our goal is Legrande’s Liquors. Head inside and speak to the man behind the counter.

Tell Yannick Neshar sent you, and he’ll be surprised. But he’ll also give you 4,300 Credits. If you have Negotiation, you can get another 2,400 Credits out of the deal.

After that, agree to take part in Neshar’s business idea. Or not! If you choose not to, the quest ends. But it’s better to keep going.

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Find Felix Sadler

Now, to find Felix, Yannick’s past business associate. Head right back to Ebbside, where you were at before. Go straight past Madame Sauvage’s Place, then turn right. You’ll find yourself outside of a warehouse.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Enter it and expect to get attacked by the Syndicate. There are four of them, each level 6. Dispatch them and head upstairs to find Felix, who’s thrilled and thinks Yannick sent you to save him.

Should you kill or spare Felix in the Loose Ends Quest in Starfield?

You can then choose to kill Felix or not. Felix isn’t thrilled either way, nor particularly grateful. He’ll stalk bitterly off if you let him live. Kill him and you’ll get 974 credits, 1.5kv LZR cartridge ammo, a solstice, a combat knife, and fishworker wetwear apparel. Do what feels best.

Speak to Yannick Legrande

Yannick could not care less about what happened to Felix. It doesn’t matter if you killed him or let him live. But reporting back to him puts an end to our quest!

You’ll get around 7,000 credits, the start of the quest “Fishy Business”, which will eventually teach you how to make Aurora, and enough ingredients to learn how to make AMP.


But if you’d prefer to just… buy Aurora the normal way, there are plenty of ways to do that. And that’s a great way to solve a few quests you’ll encounter in Starfield.

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