How to Get Aurora in Starfield

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Astral Lounge in Starfield

Aurora is the drug of choice in Starfield, and it’s in very high demand. In fact, you can even use it to complete a handful of side quests. But getting your hands on this illicit space chemical will require knowing the right people. Here’s how to find Aurora in Starfield.

Starfield: How to Find the Aurora Drug

Trying to bribe a superfan out of his stole merchandise? Feel like slowing down time? Whatever’s drawing you to Aurora, there’s really only one place to get it reliably and cheaply. And that’s on Neon.

And the absolute best source of Aurora is in the Astral Lounge. Located on Neon, the Astral Lounge can be accessed upon entering and heading all the way to the back of the map. You won’t need to enter a new loading area until you reach the Astral Lounge, and you’ll pass by Reliant Medical, Hotel Volii, and Enhance! on your right to get there.

When you’re inside the Astral Lounge, go to the far back wall where you’ll find a bar. The bartender, Boone, will then offer your Aurora. The Aurora Drug is 722 Credits. It is completely legal to purchase in the Astral Lounge.

Note, the cost of Aurora will fluctuate depending on what Skills you have.

Where to Get Aurora in Euphorika in Starfield

A screenshot of a bar in Starfield named Euphorika.
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Your other option to get Aurora is through Euphorika. Euphorika is a much more mellow bar in the Ebbside on Neon. But note that you won’t be able to purchase it from the bartender, Myka. Instead, you’ll need to buy access to the exclusive, member-only lounge from Myka for 5,000 credits. Once you do this, you’ll be able to go upstairs and buy Aurora from the bartender there, along with a few stat-boosting drinks.

How to Use Aurora in Starfield

Aurora drug from Starfield.
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Aurora, when consumed, slows down time. This hallucinogen is very useful in space combat, as you can slow down time to make the best combat decisions. Note: Aurora is an illegal substance anywhere in the Settled Systems outside of Neon.

While you’re frequenting all these bars looking for Aurora, be sure to pick up all the companions and crewhands you can afford. These teammates will help boost your ship and can be stationed at your outpost for big benefits.  

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