How to Complete The Key Ingredient in Starfield

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Here we are. The penultimate quest to the Ryujin Faction quest line. And now, we’ll need to talk to the big boss lady herself, Masako. Here’s how to complete The Key Ingredient in Starfield.

How to Complete Ryujin Industry Faction Quest The Key Ingredient in Starfield

And here we are. Things in Ryujin Industry are heating up. Plays for Masako’s crown are being made, but we’re not at the finale yet. So, let’s get right to it.

Speak to Masako

Masako, the steel dragon of Ryujin Industry, is waiting for us. She’s in Ryujin Industry on the Research and Development floor. Head to the elevators to access this floor.

Once you’re in R&D, you’ll see her almost immediately in the office to the left. It has a massive see-through window, so you really can’t miss her.

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Note, before you head inside, you can also trigger a new activity while you’re on this floor. Head further in, then turn left to find the Research Manager’s Computer. Interact with it and select “[Deleted] Offsite Calibration Malfunction” to get the activity “Locate Remote Asteroid Testing Site”.

Moving on. Speak to Masako in Veena’s office.

They want you to let them install tech in your brain that will shield you from the manipulative effects of the Project Dominion neural amp. But even if you agree, they won’t be able to install it until they get their hands on some rare materials.

So, guess what we’re doing?

Travel to Carinae-III-a

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Carinae-III-a is in the Carinae system. Fast travel there or jump. Then select the moon and the CM Station RC-1 landing site. This moon is also home to the rare resource Rothicite.

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Once you arrive at the landing site, you’ll find yourself in front of a large mining facility that’s crawling with mercenaries.

Kill the ones you come across, then climb the stairs in front of the building.

Take the first turn left, which will lead you inside. There are more mercenaries. Kill them, too. But don’t go too far.

In the room with bunks, there is a storage box on the desk. Interact with it to find the CM Station RC-1 Mine Keycard. We’ll need that later.

With that room clear, you can head downstairs and into the mine.

Find Out What Happened – Inside the Mine

Almost immediately upon exiting the elevator, you’ll find a Sentient AI Adapter on the table. This is contraband that’s worth a lot, but can get you caught by scanners outside of planets. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to sell it. So, pick it up before you go.

In the same room, just before the door, there’s a Skill Magazine as well. We’ve got the locations of every type of magazine in the galaxy if you’re interested.

Move forward, then fight the waves of Mercenaries. Rifles and grenades pay dividends here, as they’re mid to long-distance.

The path forward is straight, but expect resistance the entire time. The hardest area is on the catwalks, as there’s no cover. A Battlestim or other damage-reducing med is recommended for this section.

Once you’ve gotten through the catwalk, you’ll find yourself in front of another lift. Take it.

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But when you arrive in the new location, you’ll open a door and find yourself faced with several Ecliptic Mercenaries. Our goal is to kill the Ecliptic Executioner and then loot his body. I highly recommend chucking mines and grenades at him or using a shotgun, as he’s very tanky.

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He has Contract Orders on his corpse. Loot it, then read it.

Turns out someone in the Freestar Collective grabbed that Rothicite Shipment.

But before you fast-travel there, go into the next room to grab the loot from the Science Crate.

Retrieve the Rothicite Shipment

Now that you have your loot, let’s get to Narion.

Our aim isn’t a city. It’s The Clinic, the floating hospital station in orbit around Narion. You may recognize it if you completed the Freestar Collective Faction questline.

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Dock and board. Worth noting is that if you speak to pretty much anyone with a real name and a white coat in The Clinic, you’ll get either an activity or a side quest.

Now, let’s get to it. You’ll need to leave the lobby and turn right. Our doctor is in the Secure Wing. The Secure Wing is off-limits. But you can persuade the guard to let you through. Oddly, I couldn’t find an alternative way into this area. So, save before you begin your persuasion attempt.

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In the secure wing, you’ll hear two doctors bickering in the room to your right. This is the room you’ll need to enter.

You can then speak to Sean, the doctor who was arguing with Dr. Lane. He’s in the backroom with the medical tanks. Tell him, “I need you to tell me what’s going on.” This is the only option that will let you know more information. Sean will tell you he’s part of Project Dominion, and that they’re already experimenting on humans.

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As you’re talking to Sean, Dr. Lane will then interrupt. Tell him, “Infinity’s got you doing their dirty work, and they’re getting away with it.”

Then respond, “If you stop now, I can find a way to keep your names out of this.” You can then opt to Extort them, tell them they’re going to prison, or keep their names out of it. If you keep their names out of this, Dr. Lane will give you full access to his computer and the Rothicite, making this the easiest option.

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The Refined Rothicite is in Dr. Lane’s office, on the desk in front of him. You can also access his terminal to see the full extent of what’s been happening under his watch.

Give Your Results to Veena

With the Rothicite in hand, you can now return to Veena. But if you picked up that contraband in the mine, be sure to sell it first.

After giving the shipment to Veena, you’ll speak to Masako. You can opt to keep Dr. Lane and Shane anonymous if you like. You’ll get 4,800 Credits for completing this mission, along with quite a few meds.

Now, to reveal the mole.

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