Where to Sell Contraband in Starfield

Need a place to sell those human organs?

It might not be a surprise, but the most profitable items in the galaxy happen to be contraband. And offloading them isn’t easy, even if you happen to slip past the scanners when you enter a settled planet’s orbit. Here’s how to sell the contraband in Starfield.

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How to Sell Contraband in Starfield

Finding contraband in your explorations can be a mixed bag. The good is that they’re almost always worth an amazing amount of Credits. The bad? They’re extremely difficult to find a buyer for. Fortunately, there are two consistent places where you can sell contraband: at Trade Unions and at the Crimson Fleet HQ.

The easiest is the Trade Union. The Trade Union exists in every civilized city, from New Atlantis all the way to Hopetown. And they’re an excellent place to offload illicit goods, from the stolen to contraband. Trade Unions have terminals made distinct by their yellow coloring and tendency to be near spaceports. But they also have standard brick-and-mortar locations.

But getting into a planet with contraband isn’t always easy. You’ll need to have a Scan Jammer, which is a rare module you can have installed into your ship in order to avoid being scanned.

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Fortunately, there’s another option. You can always sell your contraband and stolen goods to the Crimson Fleet. The Crimson Fleet marketplace can be accessed by joining the Crimson Fleet faction, which is started when you’re pulled by SysDef / Space CIA and forced into infiltrating the criminal organization.

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Once you’ve joined, you’ll be able to sell any stolen good or piece of contraband without any issue. And what’s even better is that there are multiple vendors on the Crimson Fleet ship that can buy that contraband.

If you’re hoping to make a quick buck and don’t want to fly anywhere, I highly suggest you go to the Neon Security HQ. There, in the backroom, are several contraband items you can easily steal. The Trade Union won’t have enough cash on hand to buy all of it, but you can easily make 10k+ credits from this little venture. And you can store the rest in your Neon Penthouse or Sleepcrate until the Vendor’s credits are refreshed.

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