Should You Attack or Persuade Tomo in Starfield?

Murder is ok sometimes

Attack or Persuade Tomo Featured

You’re finally accomplishing your dream of joining the Ryujin industries in Starfield, but your first task is more complicated than you’ve imagined. While grabbing some coffee for your boss, Tomo will immediately threaten you for having taken his position. And it’s time to make a choice of how to proceed in this encounter by either convincing him that this is a bad idea or just shooting back.

Should You Kill or Spare Tomo in Starfield?

During the Back to the Grind questline, after landing in the coffee shop, Tomo takes out his gun and points it at you, claiming that you’re here to take him out and he has to do it first. Regardless of how you handle the situation, the outcome will be the same. 

Persuading Tomo

Persuade Tomo Starfield
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If you can talk your way out of this situation (having the Persuade skill might be needed for a higher success chance), Tomo will put out his gun and walk away, hoping that you can be reasonable when you inevitably “come for him,” as he says. You end up in the clean as the employee claims that Ryujin will cover for you. 

Go back to the industries’ headquarters and deliver the coffee. Imogene will congratulate you for handling the situation as you did, and you get promoted on your very first day. Congrats!

Killing Tomo

Kill Tomo Starfield
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If you choose to walk the bloody road, Tomo will be ready to shoot at you the moment you get your control back. But he’s wearing no resistant gear, so he’s an easy target for you. You can loot his body as you want, and the employee won’t snitch out on you, but you need to get out as she’s forced to call security. Otherwise, she’s the one in trouble here.

Go back to Imogene, and guess what? You’re promoted, thanks to murder! I love how they do things in this corporation. 

Promotion After Tomo Starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games

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So, regardless of your choice, the outcome is still the same, with one exception: how your crewmates will react to it. While I was with Sarah, she was glad when I dealt with Tomo peacefully but was disgusted when I killed him in cold blood. She also makes another comment relating to your choice when you get your promotion. 

So, if you’re trying to romance a certain crewmate, your best choice is to choose whichever option suits them the best. If going for Sarah, let Tomo live another day. If you don’t care about her, you might as well just kill him for a few extra loot. Ammo seems to be always lacking, so it’s good to get some extra cartridges when you can.

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