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How to Get More Ammo in Starfield

Bullets! Bullets for all!

While you make your way through Starfield, getting supplies is going to be almost essential. You can try to run through a base without any extra food or ammo, but you know full and well that that would be a horrible idea. That’s why stockpiling as much as possible can be worth it between missions. How you go about acquiring firepower though can be a tad confusing. Here’s how to get ammo in Starfield.

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Where to Find Ammo in Starfield

There are a few ways you can get yourself some ammo in Starfield. The first and most consistent is to buy it from vendors. Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis is the most consistent place to pick up some ammo, found to the left of the security checkpoint as you enter the city. Some ammo can cost in the thousands of credits when buying in bulk, so make sure you have some creds saved up.

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The second easiest method is to rip it off dead bodies. Everyone you kill that has some sort of gun should drop ammo, though this ammo heavily depends on the weapon they’re wielding. You’ll also be limited to however much they drop, so this would only be advised if you’re fighting enemies anyway.

The final method, though the one that requires the most time investment, is through looting containers. This gives a decent amount of ammo on its own but can provide even more if you’re perked into the Scavenging skill under the Social skill tree. Having this skill at Rank 2 will give you a chance to find extra ammo in containers. Paired with points in the Security tree, under Tech, will mean you’ll find plenty of ammo on your travels.

Which Method is Best?

If you want the best method, we suggest just going to different towns and purchasing ammo from nearby shops. It’s consistent, you get the exact type of ammo you want, and you’ll have enough credits later on where the price won’t matter. Pair this with searching containers, and ammo will never be an issue again.

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