All Revealed Starfield Factions Listed

It's time to start thinking about who to join in the upcoming space RPG

New Atlantis skyline in Starfield

Starfield will be a huge game, and how big and full of content the world of this space RPG from Bethesda will actually be is only beginning to be revealed after the recently held Starfield Direct presentation as part of the Xbox Games Showcase 2023.

During this presentation and earlier announcements, we saw several different factions that you will meet in Starfield that you will be able to cooperate or fight with in true RPG style – so, let’s check out what we know about all revealed Starfield factions so far.

All Confirmed Starfield Factions

These are all of the factions that we know of that the players will encounter in the Starfield universe, in alphabetical order:

  • Constellation
  • Crimson Fleet
  • Freestar Collective
  • Ryujin Industries
  • United Colonies

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Constellation Faction in Starfield

Your starting faction is tied to the main story in Starfield, dubbed the “last group of space explorers” for which many are not even sure if they still exist at all. This will be the faction you will be in by default as you choose what kind of relationships you will make with the other groups you meet later.

Crimson Fleet Faction in Starfield

If you are not interested in explorers, utopia-seeking military states, corporations, or other goodie two-shoes choices and simply want to take things from others because you are physically stronger – this team of space bandits is waiting for you! Maybe they are a little too cliché, but this is an option that many players will want, so there you have it. They even have a Jolly Roger flag, what more could you want? If you are really creative, you will be able to play as an undercover good guy who is on this team, risking death if you are discovered. Fun times!

Freestar Collective Faction in Starfield

Space is the final frontier! And what kind of a frontier would that be if there weren’t some space cowboys? The Freestar Collective are self-proclaimed peacekeepers loosely united in a confederation that includes three star systems, coming originally from Akila City. They had previously been at odds with the United Colonies, but now they just protect their way of life and mind their own business.

Ryujin Industries Faction in Starfield

You could guess from the name that it’s about a mega-corporation that has a crazy industrial monopoly in the universe, as well as neon megapolis cities straight out of cyberpunk, only with less sappy neon girls, we hope. Crazy nightclubs are confirmed! The authors from Bethesda claim that the start of cooperation with this faction is one of the best in the game, we will have to take their word for it for now before we submit our CV to this corporation at the beginning of the game.

United Colonies Faction in Starfield

The Utopia-seeking space republic that goes by “United Colonies” is kind of a coalition that is focused on military power – definitely, the most political faction you will meet in Starfield’s universe. Their home is New Atlantis, the largest city in the game, and also the largest city that Bethesda has ever made. You’ll be able to join them and help fight their enemies, who are described as “cutthroat pirates”, or you can probably even go against them – which doesn’t seem like a particularly good idea.

That would be all the factions in Starfield that have been introduced so far, there is a good chance that there will be more in this massive game – and we will update the article as we learn new information ahead of the release of this long-awaited Bethesda RPG that is coming to Xbox and PC on September 6, 2023.

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