Starfield Modders Already Planning The First Community Patch

Polishing the galaxy even before it's out

Starfield Community Patch Featured

Starfield isn’t even out yet, but some of the most dedicated workers in the gaming industry are already ready to tweak it. I’m talking about modders, of course, who are already planning to release a community patch intended to fix any issues, typos, and problems they might’ve run into while enjoying the game.

The Starfield Community Patch (or SCP for short) presents itself as a “collective effort by mod authors and the wider player community of Starfield to fix bugs, errors, and other inconsistencies in the game.” They’re not related to Bethesda in any way, and their goal is to improve the overall vanilla experience for all players through both console and PC versions.

As stated on their “Mission” page, they’re aiming to fix things like minor errors or game-breaking bugs/exploits and don’t plan on adding things like new missions, models, weapons, or any type of content into the game. They’re only improving what’s already there instead of making new things.

Patches like that are widespread in the modding scene. They’re not made to hate on the devs, as it’s impossible to have such a large-scale game like Starfield without a few hiccups here and there. The goal is to make a better experience for everyone, and they’re ok with Bethesda eventually adding those fixes into the game, as they even stated on their description page.

And they’re counting not only on their currently small staff (composed of 4 modders) but also on the community themselves to find and report bugs. Fixing those issues is easier with a combined effort from various simultaneous playthroughs.

Starfield Community Patch Reporting
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The mod is intended to be completely free, but donations are allowed for those who want to fund the project. No release dates are included on their official website at the time of the writing, but we can assume the first patch will roll out after the Early Access period for the game is done. 

Bethesda is particularly known for accepting and encouraging mods in their games, and it’s no different with Starfield. Modders have managed to keep some of their games alive for a long time and are one of the reasons they can get away with re-releasing Skyrim every few years. Now it’s time to see how they handle the outer space.

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