How to Complete Sowing Discord in Starfield

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And lucrative business partner.

Where other companies fail, Ryujin prospers. And our latest mission will send us to the Astral Lounge, where we must facilitate enough discord to ensure an agreement between two corporations fails before it can even get off the ground. Here’s how to complete Sowing Discord in Starfield.

How to Complete Ryujin Faction Quest Sowing Discord

We’re slowly heading into the big time. No longer do we need to crawl around, picking locks and planting false evidence. Now we’re straight into meetings, where we’ll play the chaos-sowing corporate hobgoblin.

Here’s how to do it successfully.

Read the Dossiers that Imogene Gives You

Imogene hands you two dossiers at the beginning of this quest, each of which contains information about the two meeting attendees. Reading them will make the negotiation you take part in much easier to navigate.

Or you can skip that, because I’m here. And I’m going to give you all the right answers. But before we do that, we need to replace Nina’s Presentation.

Replacing Nina’s Presentation

To replace the presentation with the fake one Imogene gave you, head first to the Astral Lounge. Once there, you have a few options to get into Nina’s suite.

Option 1: Buy Nina’s Suite Card (Purchase)

 You can speak to Boone at the bar of the Astral Lounge, where he’s at the very back.

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You can then opt to pay him 4,000 Credits for Nina’s suite key or try to persuade him to lower the price. Persuasion isn’t a bad option, as you’ll only need to score four points. This will lower the price to 1,000 Credits.

Option 2: Convince Nina to Drink or go to Bed (Pickpocket)

Alternatively, you can find Nina in the corner of the Astral Lounge. She’s just to the left of the door, up the sitars on a platform where she’ll be talking to her friend. Speak to her, and you can convince her to drink or go to bed.

Screenshot by Prima Games

I found that when I told her to go to bed she just stood in the bathroom. This is your chance to pickpocket her, but it’s not a fantastic place for it. The door is open and there’s a good chance a random citizen will wander in. She’ll then sit back down at the same spot you found her.

Telling her to drink is a much worse option. She’ll get up and go to the bar, where she’ll take a seat. You’ll then to pickpocket her there. This is out in the open, it’s very hard to achieve.

Option 3: Lockpick Your Way into the Suite (Lockpick)

Nina’s suite is on the second floor of the Astral Lounge, which can be accessed by using the VIP elevator on the left side of the dance floor.

Once you’re on the second floor, turn left. Head past the security guard, and you’ll see a VIP booth on the right wall. The furthest one is Nina’s Suite.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The lock is only a Novice lock. So, this is the easiest, safest, most economical way to get into the suite.

No matter how you get inside, Nina’s Presentation will be on the table. Interact with it to swap it with the doctored presentation.

Convincing Arthur Cruz

Since we’re already on the second floor, let’s tackle Arthur Cruz first. Arthur Crus is a self-made man who values financial security above all else and is a huge stickler for details and increasing profits. Those are the talking points you’ll really need to drive home.

Screenshot by Prima Games

But before speaking to him, make sure you have the suit that Imogene gave you equipped.

Now, here’s what to say.

Dialogue 1:

  • You look like quite the business man yourself.

Dialogue 2:  

  • [Persuade] Eh, no. And I’d hate for anyone to think so.
    • Infinity profits are fabricated. One audit would ruin them.
    • To compare, Ryujin’s profits are 25.7% higher, quality included.

If you succeed at this, you won’t have to go any further. But there’s another chance a little later in the conversation.

Dialogue 3:

  • Ryujin isn’t afraid to do what it takes to succeed.

Dialogue 4:

  • [Persuade] I wouldn’t recommend any deal with Infinity LTD.
    • Must hit 4 points to succeed.
    • Use: Infinity profits are fabricated. One audit would ruin them.

Once you’ve influenced Arthur Cruz, head back down to Astral Lounge’s dancefloor to find Zola.

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Convincing Zola Adisa

Where Arthur is obsessed with financial security, Zola is consumed with public perception, high-quality products, and innovation. And it’s those details we’ll be hammering home.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Here’s how to convince her.

Dialogue 1:

  • A little bit of both.

Dialogue 2:

  • You must have business with Ryujin.

Dialogue 3:

  • [Persuade] A deal with Infinity LTD? That sounds risky.
    • Infinity LTD is the cheap version of Ryujin Industries.
    • Infinity lacks clear vision with constant reorganization.

If you pass the check here, which you should, the conversation will end with a success. But you can keep going, and there’s another Persuasion check to stop a quest failure.

Dialogue 4:

  • Does bringing out to a fancy setting like this really work in Infinity’s favor?

Dialogue 5:

  • [Persuade] A deal with Infinity LTD? That sounds risky.
    • Infinity LTD is the cheap version of Ryujin Industries.
    • Infinity lacks clear vision with constant reorganization.

Yep! It’s the same option as before. Once you pass this check, the conversation will end. Odd that Arthur had more lines.

Return to Imogene

And that’s our job done. We’ve planted a few earworms, ruined a young woman’s life, and we can trot back to Imogene with a job well done behind us.

If you followed this guide completely, you’ll get a bonus for a flawless operation: 10,00 Credits and CQB-X. Not bad.

But while you’re out and about in Neon, why not grab yourself a few more credits by completing this easy quest, which will jump start your own episode your own episode of Breaking Bad?

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