How to Beat the Sumo Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

Competitive full-contact robo-wrestling

How to Beat the Sumo Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

Welcome to Ares Island in Sonic Frontiers, home of sandy deserts and many tough guardians that include robotic sumo wrestlers who can’t wait to run you over. Although large, heavily armored, and menacing Sumo Guardians can be beaten easily if you got the right plan of attack – check out the guide below to learn how.

How to Beat the Sumo Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

When you randomly stumble into a Sumo Guardian while roaming the second island in the game, if you don’t run away from him fast enough, the battle will start by forming an octagon-like ring and switching the camera to a bird-eye view. It’s a very gimmicky battle so don’t attack Sumo right away because he will easily block all your attacks.

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Take advantage of Sumo’s slow speed and run a circle around him, creating a Cyloop. This will make Sumo’s attacking arm disappear and leave him open for the attack as you should be able to bounce off him into the “ring ropes” WWE-style. Use Square on PlayStation or X on Xbox to bounce from the ropes into the Sumo. Once he loses balance. try to make him bounce into the electrified purple “ring ropes”. If you get him there, Sumo will be stunned, opening up an opportunity to combo strike again. Rinse and repeat at least once more and this tough Guardian will be disposed of in no time.

Bouncing off the ropes at high speeds has a somewhat random effect too as if Sonic is a ball in a pinball or a game of Arcanoid, so there is also a factor of luck in this encounter. But if played right, you won’t lose by mistake.

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