How Many Cyber Space Levels Are in Sonic Frontiers? – Answered

Enter the Sonic Cyber Space

How Many Cyber Space Levels Are in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers is here! Did you get the chance to play the user-score acclaimed reinvention of 3D Sonic? With the new game, Sonic Team finally found a way to refresh the Sonic gameplay formula in an open-world environment. However, in addition to the expanse of the Starfall Islands in Sonic Frontiers, the game is interwoven with more traditional levels similar to those from Sonic Forces and Sonic Generations. The Cyber Space levels are one of many ways to get the Vault Keys necessary to progress further, so you will definitely get to play some of them.

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Cyber Space levels bring a nice break from the open world action, as well as a tribute to older Sonic games – but how many of those levels are there in total in Sonic Frontiers? Let’s find out.

How Many Cyber Space Levels Are in Sonic Frontiers?

All Cyber ​​Space levels are accessed through throne-like portals activated by using Portal Gears and are based on classic levels from the rich history of Sonic games. Sometimes these levels are placed in a 2D plane similar to Sonic Generations classic levels, and sometimes they are in a 3D corridor format similar to many 3D Sonic games with boost mechanics. In these levels, different rules apply and the gameplay is much faster and more focused than in the open world of Sonic Frontiers.

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In Sonic Frontiers there are 30 Cyber ​​Space levels. The first three islands contain seven each, while nine are located in the last zones of the game. All Cyber ​​Space levels contain many challenges such as getting S-Rank completion time and collecting all Red Star Rings, and each challenge gives a Vault Key as a reward. As Vault Keys can be found in other places, and the number for progress is not that high, the Cyber ​​Space levels and all their challenges are basically side-content that you will not have to finish completely in order to complete the main story of Sonic Frontiers. That, of course, is not the reason to skip them, because they are great!

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