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How to Get Koco Scrolls in Sonic Frontiers

You gotta pay Froggy what you owe

by Lucas White

Oh hey there, Sonic fans. I see you’re looking for a specific kind of item in Sonic Frontiers. Koco Scrolls are a set of two items you can find in each major area or Island in the game. These are the initial ways you’ll be able to fast travel in Sonic Frontiers, before you fill out the map of an Island completely, allowing you to fast travel between Cyber Space Portals. In the meantime, you can use the Hermit Koco Scrolls and Elder Koco Scrolls to zip around on demand.

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In order to unlock Koco Scrolls in each major Island area, you have to go fishing. Luckily each Island seems to have multiple fishing spots, even if the “pool” of fish, sea creatures, and literal garbage doesn’t change between them. Either way, you need to have some purple coins saved up, to pay for our best pal Big the Cat’s fishing rod rental service. You can get purple coins by exploring the Open Zone spaces, or by participating in Starfall events that can randomly occur at night time.


Once you have the cash to fish, just keep fishing. Eventually, you’ll find treasure chests, which can contain several different items. Gold Tickets are one possibility and those Koco Scrolls are another. Remember, there are only two of them per Island, and one of each kind. What they do is pretty simple. They let you instantly teleport to any Elder Kocos or Hermit Kocos you’ve already met.

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We did a whole guide on how to fast travel already, so you can check that out for the mechanical details of all that. But to make a short story even shorter, just find the fishing spots and burn your purple coins until you find the Koco Scrolls. It’s as simple as that.