How Big Will the Emerald Dream be in WoW 10.2? – Answered

Big enough to do the job?

WoW’s big new content patch, Guardians of the Dream (also known as 10.2) is speculated to release some time in November, possibly shortly after BlizzCon. With it comes an all-new endgame zone for level 70 characters to explore and quest in, along with a new raid, Season 3 of Mythic+ and PvP, and more. The Emerald Dream has long been a topic of discussion and anticipation, and we’re starting to get the very first details on the new zone. Keep reading to learn how big the Emerald Dream will be in World of Warcraft 10.2.

How Big is the Emerald Dream in WoW Dragonflight?

Blizzard has stated that 10.2’s Emerald Dream zone will be roughly the size of Ohn’ahran Plains, and feature Dragonriding from the outset, including a new Dragonriding mount that can be obtained in the introduction questline of the new zone.

Is that big enough to get the job done? Well, I’m gonna go with a “yes,” considering the Ohn’ahran Plains are one of the bigger zones in the expansion, not to mention a single Dragonflight zone positively dwarfs classic zones in size, thanks to their reliance on Dragonriding.

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If you’re a fan of the recent surge of “public event” style content, the Emerald Dream’s “Superbloom” event is likely of special interest. We don’t have many details, but it involves following an Ancient named Sprucecrown around as he cultivates the World Tree. Hopefully, it’s just as rewarding (and half as laggy) as Time Rifts are.

The new raid coming in 10.2 is the real highlight, though, as it features the first strength legendary weapon the game has seen in 14 years. Similar to Shadowmourne in Wrath of the Lich King, this ancient axe wielded by Fyrakk has an associated questline to earn it, rather than relying maddeningly on the ultra-low drop chances that plague some of the game’s essential legendaries.

If you’re looking to prepare a few characters for 10.2 later this year, check out our alt-gearing guide for 10.1.7!

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