WoW is Getting its First Strength Legendary in 14 Years

Earn n' burn.

During recent announcements and developer streams regarding the upcoming 10.2. patch, Guardians of the Dream, WoW devs spilled the beans on a brand new legendary weapon releasing alongside the patch’s accompanying raid. It’s a bit of a landmark event, too; not since Wrath of the Lich King’s Shadowmourne have WoW players been blessed with the power of a really cool axe.

The somewhat unfortunately named Fyr’alath, the Dream Render, will be earned via some sort of questline that will most certainly tie in with the raid expected to launch with 10.2. This is a change of pace from the frankly absurdly low drop rate of Evokers’ legendary fist weapon from Aberrus.

In the words of encounter designer Taylor Sanders: “We’ve heard a lot of great feedback from players around some of the frustrations about acquiring rare items and rare drops. There’s always a balance with the excitement of gaining that kind of weapon after some hard work … we’re working to make sure those items are still exciting when they drop, but that they feel earned and they’re something that you can progress towards.”

So it sounds like Fyr’alath may drop on occasion, but will also have some accompanying questline, much like Shadowmourne did. It probably won’t be easy to earn, but at least there will be tangible progress.

Image via Wowhead

Another tidbit of info was that Fyr’alath won’t have any class restrictions, so it might be usable by any class that can use a two-handed strength weapon. I’m sure a lot of folks were expecting something a little more.. Druidic.. what with the entire content patch being themed around the Emerald Dream. Instead, we get what looks to be an axe wielded by Fyrakk himself. As a Paladin main, you certainly won’t hear any complaints from me.

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