How to Quickly Gear Freshly-Capped Alts in WoW 10.1.7

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If you’re prepping for the upcoming Emerald Dream adventures in arriving in World of Warcraft’s patch 10.2 this fall, you may be eyeing your character list and thinking about leveling some of those alts gathering dust. Good news: now’s a really good time to do it. Here’s how to quickly gear your freshly-capped alts in World of Warcraft 10.1.7.

How to Gear Up Quickly in WoW 10.1.7

The newest overworld addition, Dreamsurges, are your key to getting a perfectly respectable set of gear for any new (or upcoming) alternate characters. This is done via participation in Dreamsurge events, known as Waking Dream Portals which occur every 30 minutes (and guarantee an item token as well as a decent amount of the new currency: Dreamsurge Coalescence). Coalescence can be spent on 402 item level tokens of any type and slot at a price of 100 each.

You’ll also be able to complete a weekly quest handed out by Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem, located directly at the Dreamsurge icon seen below, for a piece of 415 item level gear of your choosing. This gear can be upgraded to 437 using Whelpling Crests, so you can count on these being more of a long-term investment as well. Just remember that the Dreamsurge zone changes weekly, so check your map!

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The best part? You can collect those item level 402 gear tokens to mail to freshly-capped alts, so you can focus on completing these activities on your more powerful characters. By the time you’ve done a few Waking Dream invasions, you’ll be swimming in tokens you can turn into powerful gear that’s suitable for getting your alts running heroic and mythic dungeons.

There are plenty of Dreamsurge rewards for both leveling and completely endgame-geared players, so it’s worth participating as a nice distraction regardless. I mean, who doesn’t love mounts?

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