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WoW’s newest content drop, Fury Incarnate, is upon us. With it comes an amazing alt catch-up activity in the form of Dreamsurge events. These aren’t limited time and feature a great experience buff along with gear rewards for when you reach cap, but there are also some rewards for geared players who want to jump in! Let’s take a look:

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Dreamsurge Mount Rewards and How to Obtain

There are two new mounts as part of the Dreamsurge event: the Duskwing Ohuna and Renewed Magmammoth mounts. Below is how to obtain each:

Duskwing Ohuna: 1000 Dreamsurge Coalescence, purchased from Celestine of the Harvest. She’s found right next to Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem, and they’re marked with a large green icon on the overworld Dragon Isles map. Their location changes each week, so be sure to check!

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Renewed Magmammoth: 20 Charred Elemental Remains – One is rewarded each time you defeat an elite enemy in the second and final stage of the Dreamsurge event. Expect to complete about 10 Dreamsurges to farm this mount!

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Dreamsurge Gear Rewards

There are two ways to earn gear in Dreamsurges: collecting Dreamsurge Coalescence from defeating Empowered Rares and doing quests, and the weekly quest which rewards a Dreamsurge Chrysalis.

Dreamsurge Coalescence can be traded in quantities of 100 for 402 item level gear from Celestine, while the Dreamsurge Chrysalis rewards a piece of 415 item level gear once a week by trading with Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem. If you’re flush with Coalescence and already geared, there are also a collection of pets for sale from Celestine for 500 Coalescence each!

Don’t forget about the 25% experience buff that also comes along with Dreamsurge zones. This whole event is basically alt-catchup city, so get out there and level and gear up before next season! For all the new content that comes in this patch, check our Fury Incarnate Content guide!

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