How to Farm Paracausal Flakes in WoW Dragonflight

Wake n' Flake.

The new Time Rifts event introduced in patch 10.1.5 of World of Warcraft Dragonflight offers.. a lot of rewards. Gear, trinkets, mounts, and most importantly, a heap of cosmetics can be purchased from the vendors sprinkled around the staging area just east of the capital city of Valdrakken. The currency for these rewards? Paracausal Flakes. The good news is these can be farmed indefinitely, the bad news is you’re gonna need a whole lot of.. time. Here’s how to farm Paracausal Flakes in WoW Dragonflight.

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How to Farm Paracausal Flakes in WoW Dragonflight

Paracausal Flakes are rewarded for participating in and completing Time Rift world events. Time Rifts appear at the top of the hour, every hour, just east of Valdrakken in the Tyrhold Reservoir.

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You’ll be granted Flakes for defeating enemies related to your currently active Time Rift objective. This won’t be where you get the majority, however. The real bulk of flakes come from the three Boxes of Reality you’ll be rewarded for progressing the event alongside other adventurers, boss kills, and, of course, the weekly quest given by Soridormi. The following are what you can expect from these rewards:

  • Weekly (account-wide) quest – 1,000 Paracausal Flakes
  • Box of Tampered Reality – 50 Paracausal Flakes
  • Box of Volatile Reality – 75 Paracausal Flakes
  • Box of Collapsed Reality – 100 Paracausal Flakes
  • Fractured Causality (boss) kill – 150 Paracausal Flakes

Use Eon’s Fringe Dailies to Boost Gains

You can also get Flakes from quests in Eon’s Fringe. Most importantly, you can earn an Encapsulated Destiny via the daily quest each day, which guarantees a reward from your next completed Time Rift. The daily quest in Eon’s Fringe also grants 70 Paracausal Flakes.

This means you’ll be totaling around 400 Paracausal Flakes per Time Rift, excluding Encapsulated Destiny use or the weekly quest.

For more info on World of Warcraft’s Time Rifts, check out our guide!

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