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Can You Still Get the Heir Apparent in Destiny 2 – Answered

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by Daphne Fama

There are two things that Guardians love: shooting lots of bullets and winning. It appeals to something in our reptilian brains. The Exotic Machine Gun, Heir Apparent, exemplifies both of those passions, as it’s part of the Exotic Quest tied with the Guardian Games.  

But how do you get your hands on it in Destiny 2?

Can You Still Get the Heir Apparent in Destiny 2 – Answered

The Heir Apparent and its Catalyst Quest, Wreathed In Laurels, come to the Tower every year during the Guardian Games. For those who missed it these past few years, the Guardian Games is a friendly competition between the Guardian classes, which requires each Guardian to obtain medallions and complete Contender Cards, which will earn Tower Podium points for your class’s team.

Usually, on the day the Guardian Games begin, the Heir Apparent becomes available by speaking to Commander Zavala at the Tower. You will pick up your class item from him and he will then send you to Eva Levante (the kindly grandmother who also tasked us with making cookies during The Dawning).

Through Eva, begin the quest “The Games Begin”, which will require you to do a number of things, from killing enemies with a machine gun to completing strikes. Once you’ve completed her quest, she’ll hand you the Heir Apparent. The image of Eva being a massive weapon dealer is honestly delightful.

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While you can’t get the Heir Apparent now, it will probably be available again between April and May. You’ll have that limited period to complete Eva’s quest and obtain this Exotic Machine gun. Its intrinsic perk, Heavy Slug Thrower, requires you to get the gun fully spinning before it shoots. But once it’s fully spun up, you’ll do a devastating amount of damage. And if you’re at full health, you’ll trigger its trait Armor of the Colossus, which will grant you an Arc Shield.

It’s the perfect weapon if you want to feel like a Juggernaut straight out of Call of Duty.

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