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How to Unlock Hunter Trace 3 for Revision Zero in Destiny 2

It's not Destiny if there isn't an arbitrary time gate

by Daphne Fama

Destiny 2’s Exotic Pulse Rifle, Revision Zero, is unique in many ways. Not only is it the spotlight weapon of the Season of the Seraph, its intrinsic perk, Hunter’s Trace, ensures that precision hits grant heavy rounds which are strong enough to burst the bubble of Barrier Champions.

But, unlike many Exotic Weapons of the past, Revision Zero requires you to reshape it at The Enclave on Mars to truly begin to shine. And many of the perks require that you level up Revision Zero’s Intrinsic. So, how do you unlock Hunter Trace 3 for Revision Zero in Destiny 2?

How to Unlock Hunter Trace 3 for Revision Zero in Destiny 2

Like many things in Season of the Seraph, the answer is a mixture of patience and grinding. You’ll likely notice that if you’re up to date with the quest line “Should You Choose to Accept It, Part II”, when you approach the forge, Hunter’s Trace II is ready to be unlocked.

If you’re not certain how to do that, go to Mars, then The Enclave, and approach the Relic – Resonance Engine. From there, select “Reshape: Modify an Existing Weapon”. Then go to Pulse Rifles and select Revision Zero. On the left side of the menu, you’ll see a yellow sphere with a white pattern. Hover over it, and you’ll see “Hunter’s Trace II” and the option to apply it.

Do so. If it’s not available, you’re likely not up to date on your quests.

If you are up to your date on the quests, apply Hunter’s Trace II. Then, to be safe, hover over Hunter’s Trace III to make sure it’s not ready to be unlocked, too.

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If it’s not, the answer on how to unlock this intrinsic is simple. You need to complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield one more time. Yes, I know. Another run of Seraph’s Shield. But doing so will cause the Intrinsic to unlock and you’ll finally be able to apply the third row perks to Revision Zero, and you’ll get a boost to range, stability, handling, and reload speed.

It’s likely that unlocking Hunter’s Trace IV will need you to follow the same steps, though we’ll need to wait until reset on Tuesday for it to be available.  

Good luck, Guardian.

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