Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Save or Kill Shadowheart’s Parents (BG3)

Shadowheart's not allowed to be sad in my playthrough.

You’ve found your way to the House of Grief. You’ve overcome the Matron who has tormented Shadowheart for decades. And now, you’re faced with the final question. Should Shadowheart kill her parents or save them? And what are the consequences? Here’s the outcome for whether or not you kill or save Shadowheart’s parents in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: All Outcomes for Killing or Saving Shadowheart’s Parents (BG3)

Once Shadowheart learns the truth about her parents, she’ll be deadest on saving them from the House of Grief. Or, if you chose to let her go down the Dark Justicar path, it’s possible she’ll stumble upon her parents after she kills the Matron who refused to allow her to ascend.

Either way, you’ll find Shadowheart’s parents trapped in the very back room. Shadowheart will then be faced with a decision by the Goddess Shar herself. Kill her parents and be free of the curse, or save them and endure it forever.

And that’s honestly how the two consequences boil down.

If Shadowheart Kills Her Parents…

If you encourage Shadowheart to kill her parents, they’ll turn into Moon Motes. These glowey orbs will guide others lost in the darkness. The Curse of Shar that occasionally gives Shadowheart a debuff will then be permanently lifted.

Naturally, Shadowheart is tormented about the loss of her parents. You can then comfort her about it back in camp.

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If Shadowheart Refuses to Kill Her Parents…

If you encourage Shadowheart to keep her parents alive, you’ll have to pass a very high religion or persuasion check. Pass this, and Shadowheart will refuse to kill them. Her father will protest, but her mother will agree with her.

Shadowheart will then release her parents, and they’ll embrace. This means that she’ll still endure the periodic pain from her hand, but she and her family seem, overall, happier about it.

So, in terms of combat, it’s better to kill them. But if making Shadowheart happy is your priority, I would recommend keeping them alive.

But before you leave the chamber, be sure to interact with the Mirror of Loss. This complicated mirror can give your characters +2 Stats if you know how to handle it.

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