Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Use the Mirror of Loss in BG3

Lose a part of yourself, claim something a little better.

Do you like min-maxing? Who doesn’t. And the Mirror of Loss is the easiest way to get rid of some useless stats and boost the ones that actually serve you. Here’s how the Mirror of Loss works in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Mirror of Loss Min-Max Guide Explained

The way the Mirror of Loss works is simple. The mirror allows you to sacrifice a “memory” (a stat of your choice) in exchange for +2 in a chosen stat. Losing a memory will inflict a -2 stat debuff on you. But it’s not permanent, you can remove it with Remove Curse.  The stat boost you do get from the mirror is permanent.

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But before you can start trading stats, note that you must pass the [RELIGION] check, which states “Offer a prayer to the mirror”.  

This will then require you to pass an Intelligence or Religion roll of 25 or better. A hard ask, even with someone providing you guidance. I highly recommend save scumming to achieve the results you want, as failing the religion check will only allow you to access -2 stat debuff. You won’t be able to get the +2 stat bonus.

Now, here are all the possible combinations.

Stats to Sacrifice to the Mirror of Loss

[FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE] Part with the Forbidden Knowledge from the Thayan Tomb+1 bonus to Wisdom Saving Throws and Ability Checks
Offer up memories of your strength – times when you triumphed, thanks to your raw power-2 Strength
Give up memories of your youth, when your heart was carefree and your limbs were nimble.-2 Dexterity
Relinquish memories of fortitude and well-being, when body and mind held fast against all challenges-2 Constitution
Surrender valued knowledge gleaned from books, scrolls, and tablets… words that left a mark on your mind, but no more.-2 Intelligence
Let go of some wisdoms that time has bestowed upon you – old wounds, tough lessons, and fond memories alike-2 Wisdom
Give away memories of when your charm stood to you – the applause of the swayed, the smiles of the beguiled, the kisses of the seduced-2 Charisma
[DECEPTION] You will not surrender any part of yourself. Invent a false offering to trick the mirror.-0

The [FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE] option only appears if you found and passed the skill checks associated with the Necromancy of Thay, a book you can find in the Blighted Village in Act 1. This can’t be returned with Remove Curse, so I don’t recommend selecting this one.

Likewise, while [DECEPTION] seems like a good choice, you will lose no stats but you’ll not gain any stats.

Claim memories of strength from a long-dead general, who marched under the banner of a vanished kingdom +2 Strength
Help yourself to the memories of a seasoned thief’s most daring exploits+2 Dexterity
Seize the memories of a barbarian, whose mind and body were tempered against hardship+2 Constitution
Glean the secrets of a wizard who once stalked the libraries of Candlekeep+2 Intelligence
Turn to the wisdom of a drow. Once of Lothe, then or Shar+2 Wisdom
Warm to the guile of a bard who could charm even a dragon+2 Charisma

Once you’ve gotten the stat you like, cast “Remove Curse” on the affected character. You can then trot up any character you like to the mirror.

But note, Shadowheart is not worth the time or effort. Even if you pass the skill check (made extremely difficult if she’s aligned to Selune, as this will give Shadowheart a disadvantage), you can’t get a stat boost. That’s because Shadowheart has no memories left to give. Yes, I wasted a significant amount of time finding this out.

If you’ve found yourself in front of the Mirror of Loss, you’ve likely stumbled across Shadowheart’s parents, too. But have you wondered about the consequences of outcomes that come from letting them live or die?

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