Baldur’s Gate 3: All Recruitable Allies for Final Fight (Gather Your Allies)

Me and this Kobold are about to set the brain on fire.

The final stand against the Netherbrain is before you. But you needn’t fight the malicious cerbebrum alone. Here are all the allies you can recruit for the final fight in Baldur’s Gate 3.

All Recruitable Allies (Gather Your Allies) for the Final Fight in Baldur’s Gate 3

You’ll meet dozens of people in your journey to Baldur’s Gate. But some of the allies you make in Act 1 can follow you all the way to the final confrontation with the Netherbrain. Here are all the allies you can find before that final fight and how to get them.

There will be spoilers ahead!

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Recruitable CharacterHow to Recruit Them
ArabellaSave her from Kagha in Act 1. Help her find her parents in Act 2. Let her stay in your camp. Find her in the sewers in Act 3.
Armoured OwlbearSave the Owlbear cub in Act 1, then have him join your camp.
Counselor FlorrickSave Florrick from the fire in Act 1. Save Florrick from the Wyrm’s Stone Prison in Act 3.
Dame AylinSave her from the Shar prison in Act 2.
DammonInteract with him in Act 1 or 2. Give him Infernal Iron to repair Karlach’s heart.
Duke Ulder RavengardHave Wyll either decide to stay in his pact or break it in Act 3. If pact is broken, save Duke Ravengard from the Iron Throne.
Emperor / OrpheusDetermined by whether you free Orpheus after getting the Orphic Hammer. Freeing Orpheus will cause the Emperor to leave.
HalsinRescue Halsin from the Goblin Camp in Act 1. Complete his companion quest in Act 2.
IsobelPrevent Marcus from kidnapping her in the Last Light Inn. Possibly requires you to recruit Nightsong, too.
JaheiraMake sure she survives the attack on Last Light Inn in Act 2. Make sure she survives the assault on Moonrise Tower (too many long rests can lead to her party being killed). Complete her companion quest in Act 3.
Koll the RedI have no idea why this kobold is here. But to be safe, be nice to all kobolds.
LorroakanIn Act 3, if you have Nightstong in your camp, betray her and give her to Lorroakan. Lorroakan will then join you in the final fight.
MizoraSave her from the Mind Flayer Colony in Act 2. Have Wyll continue his pact with her.
Nine-Fingers KeeneHelp her neutralize the Stone Lord in Act 3.  Don’t let her be killed in the final fight in the guild hideout.
RolanSpeak to Rolan, Lia, and Cal in The Hollow in Act 1. In Act 2, Rolan must survive assault in Last Light Inn and you must find him after he goes to find Lia and Cal. Rescue Lia and Call from Moonrise Tower. In Act 3, complete the Nightsong encounter with Lorroakan in Sorcerous Sundries.
UlmaComplete Astarion’s companion quest but do not allow him to ascend.
ValeriaComplete the Open Hand Temple Murder quest in Act 3. Complete the Murder Investigation. Free them after interacting with the Murder Tribunal.
Viconia DeVirIn Act 3, continue Shadowheart’s companion quest in the House of Grief. But betray her and give her to Viconia DeVir.
VoloIn Act 1, speak to Volo in The Hollow. The find and save him from the Goblin Camp. In Act 3, save him from being burned in Lower City. Speak to him in camp after.
WithersDon’t kill him at any point.
YurgirIn Act 3, enter the House of Hope and steal the Orphic Hammer. During the confrontation with Raphel, persuade Yurgir to join you. Speak to him after the fight to have you join the final fight. He will still appear in the House of Hope if you killed him in Act 2.
ZevlorEnsure the tieflings don’t die in Act 1. In Act 2, find him and free him in the Mindflayer colony.

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