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Glut or Spaw Sovereign Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot by Prima Games

Should You Side With Spaw or Glut in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)? – Answered

Gotta love different paths you can take in RPGs.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Myconid Colony is ruled by Sovereign Spaw, the mushroom monarch that seeks to preserve peace amongst the spores. However, feeling betrayed after his circle was left to be slaughtered, the displaced monarch Sovereign Glut seeks to usurp Spaw. One of the choices you’ll have to make is whether you should side with Sovereign Glut or Spaw. Let’s see which choice is better for you.

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Here are all the consequences of choosing between siding with Glut or Spaw:

Sovereign Glut or Sovereign Spaw? Who to Side With in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Killing Sovereign Glut in Baldur’s Gate 3

A screenshot of Sovereign Glut making the character choose between him and Spaw in Baldur's Gate 3.
Screenshot by Prima Games

If you decide to betray Sovereign Glut and side with Spaw in Baldur’s Gate 3, immediate hostilities will begin, so prepare for the fight that’s going to erupt. Glut will be your only opponent but he’s not to be underestimated.

Before killing Glut, you will be able to speak with him. He is located near the water pool area within the Myconid Colony. In our conversation, he asked to help us with killing off the Duergar. If you choose to do this, he becomes a temporary party member hungry for Duergar blood. Right after the fight, he will ask you to kill Spaw so he can take over the colony.

You can choose to side with him or kill him on the spot. We chose to kill him and sided with Spaw, which we found more beneficial.

The rewards for killing Sovereign Glut are:

  • Scroll of Blur
  • Scroll of Hold Person
  • Lump of Myconid Flesh
  • Hastening Spores
  • Rogue’s Morsel
  • Bonecap
  • Nightlight Frond
  • Poison Spores

You get more items if you go this route, but is it worth it? We don’t think so. Surprisingly, Astarion will approve of this choice. Karlach does too.

Killing Sovereign Spaw in Baldur’s Gate 3

A screenshot of a fight surrounded by mushrooms in Baldur's Gate 3.
Screenshot by Prima Games

If you choose to side with Sovereign Glut, you will be given a quest by Glut to kill Sovereign Spaw. We recommend that you prepare for this fight. It will not be easy.

Talking to Sovereign Spaw will eventually lead to the fight. Beware, because once the fight begins, you’ll be engaging in combat with the entire colony. Our advice is to focus on Spaw in this fight as much as possible, as once he’s dead, the fight is over.

The reward for this misdeed? Winter’s Clutches.

  • Winter’s Clutches (Uncommon Gloves) – “When the wearer deals cold damage, inflict two turns of Encrusted with Frost upon the target(s).”

You will also get some cred with Astarion for causing the mayhem.

Siding With Glut Will Further Your Romance With Astarion

Needing a boost in your approval with the spicy vampire, Astarion? Well then, slaughter Sovereign Spaw! Astarion will get a rise from the chaos, and grow closer to you than before.

Who Should You Side With?

So who do you choose? We recommend siding with Sovereign Spaw. He is more useful than just the rewards given to you after the quest since he showers you with XP. Defeating Glut is also easier since picking on Spaw will turn the whole colony against you.

However, if you are doing an evil playthrough, siding with Sovereign Glut and killing Sovereign Spaw would be the way to go.

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