Why Does Shadowheart’s Mysterious Sharran Wound Hurt in Baldur’s Gate 3? – Answered

Are you really a cleric if you don't have religious trauma?

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If you have Shadowheart in your party for any length of time, you’ll likely see her wincing from time to time. Our favorite amnesiac cleric is plagued by her Mysterious Sharran Wound, and Shadowheart doesn’t even seem to know why she has it. But we do! Here’s why Shadowheart has her Mysterious Wound and why it hurts in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Why Does Shadowheart’s Mysterious Wound Hurt and Can You Cure it in Baldur’s Gate 3? – Answered

As you wander around Faerun with Shadowheart, you’ll likely see her flinching because of a pain in her hand. This is the Mysterious Sharran Wound, and it might initially seem like the pain happens randomly.

It doesn’t! Spoilers ahead!

Shar inflicted the mysterious Sharran wound, not as a blessing but as a shock collar. It’s essentially there to punish Shadowheart and keep her on the “right” path. Shadowheart was born into a Selunite family and was kidnapped and raised by Shar followers. This is why she has her memory periodically wiped, and the Mysterious Wound inflicted, as her natural disposition is towards Selune.

Shar explains explicitly that the curse hurt Shadowheart every time Shadowheart tried to step away from her and towards Selune. But the pain also seems to occur whenever Shadowheart sees anything that reminds her of Selune or her past.

Either way, it’s Shar being a jerk.

Can You Cure Shadowheart’s Mysterious Wound in Baldur’s Gate 3?

If you hate seeing Shadowheart in pain, you’re not alone. But it’s possible to remove Shar’s wound on her forever. But at great cost.

Be aware, there are Act 3 spoilers below, which delve into Shadowheart’s companion quest finale.

When you finally reach Lower City, Shadowheart will want to storm the House of Grief to find her parents. And, against all odds, they’re actually alive. Shadowheart will then be presented with a choice: kill her parents or let them live.

If she opts to kill her parents (which they support, by the way), the Sharran Wound will be healed. But if she chooses to keep them alive, she’ll be plagued with it for the rest of her life.

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