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Where to Find the Final Bunker in Sons of the Forest

You... are NOT prep- wait, wrong game.

by Nikola L
How to Get a Shovel in Sons of the Forest

Well, if you think that you are prepared for the final moments of the current, Early Access storyline in Sons of the Forest, we’ll run some checks with you and we’ll show you where to find the Final Bunker. Of course, we’ll keep this guide spoiler free, to not ruin the ending for you, and because we are open to the story change/update by the time the game is fully released.

Here is where you can find the Final Bunker in Sons of the Forest and what you need to do before you go out to find it (or shall we say… under).

How to Find the Final Bunker in Sons of the Forest

Before you attempt to enter the Final Bunker in the current version of Sons of the Forest, you need to have a handful of items.

  1. Rebreather
  2. Zipline (Rope Gun)
  3. Shovel
  4. Maintenance Keycard
  5. VIP Keycard (in the bunker that’s in the northwest corner of the island, where you can find Crossbow, Shotgun Rail… You’ll know you’re close when you start swimming through the facility that’s half-filled with water. You’ll eventually reach the end door which will be locked. Move back, turn right through the opened door, move forward, turn left and climb up the stairs in the security room. At the desk directly forward after the stairs, you will see the VIP keycard around the keyboard and monitors).
  6. Golden Armor (you really can’t go in without it)
  7. Cross / Crucifix (in the bunker which you open with the Maintenance Keycard. In the fancy resort open space, you will at one moment stumble upon a big tv screen that shows some underwater footage, it’s dark blue, and you can’t miss it. Go through the door on the left, and in the next room, check on top of the bed). Well, you need it to burn demons, if you prefer killing them like that.

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Image via MapGenie.io

The Final Bunker is located on the eastern coast of the island (northern part). Check out the map we’ve posted above and you will see the landmarks (the most important of them being the river and the road that leads to the bunker).

That’s it for this guide. We wish you a happy ending to Sons of the Forest. Make sure to save the game before entering the final bunker!

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