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How to Get the Zipline Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

Getting flashbacks from that Zipline episode of South Park...

by Nikola L

The Zipline Rope Gun is one of the coolest gadgets that you can get your hands on in Sons of the Forest. People are sometimes scared of using it or just simply forget about it, but rest assured, apart from being cool, it’s very useful for traversal, especially in a vertical sense.

Getting the Zipline Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest may be tricky, but Prima Games mostly has you covered on this. See how below.

Where to Find the Zipline Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

The Zipline Rope Gun can be found in a cave shown in the screenshot below:

Screenshot via Prima Games YouTube Channel

Please be advised, this cave is very difficult, especially when you are just starting out in Sons of the Forest. Make sure to build enough bone or tech armor, to get enough weapons, meds, and food,… There are more enemies than you can imagine, and death lurks around every corner. Also, make sure to save your game outside the cave, because you never know…

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How to Find Zipline Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

To be perfectly honest, the first time me and my friends decided to do this cave, we decided to just sprint from start to finish while obnoxiously yelling and screaming in the Discord channel in terror. It took us two tries, because the first time, my game crashed when I picked up the Zipline Rope Gun. Having this experience, I’ll help you navigate this cave maze better so that you have solutions for both the speedrun method and the LARP method (for a demon extermination agency service, of course).

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  • After the first drop, turn left and go across the water, you’ll spot a dead construction worker and a floor light.
  • Turn further left into a narrow corridor. Ignore the silly bats that you have startled. Keep right.
  • You will see two dead construction workers, and next to one of them, you will have a timed bomb. Pick it up.
  • Ahead of you, you’ll see a vile demonic creature being stuck in the corridor through which you must pass.
  • Help the vile demonic creature free itself and go on its way by tossing the timed bomb to it. We at Prima Games love to gift wrap our ticking time bombs, we’ve heard that demons in many video games have LOVED IT!
  • Proceed through the corridor, the coast should be clear until you reach the next open space. Keep right, and run close to the wall.
  • As soon as you reach the next corridor you’ll see more creepy enemies which you can evade by running maniacally (to be honest, there is a “bug” that you can use to run faster. Sprinting while holding W and A (or W and D) is much faster than just running forward regularly. You just need to tilt your camera by 45 degrees so that you essentially keep running straight.
  • After the next corridor, you should still keep right, and you will see hanged construction workers soon. Run past them and you will enter a tight corridor. Any babies or enemies can be ignored actually.
  • You are going to end up on a slope that has a small decline. Just follow it, ideally by going through the small river/stream that’s around the middle of the cavern. As you move forward, you will notice a light on the ceiling. Yes, go to the light. Move through that corridor as well.
  • At the end of the corridor, after all those hanged corpses and whatnot, you will see an incline in which it might seem that you’ve reached the dead end. However, this is not the case, you can squeeze through in the top-left. Crouch if needed.
  • Keep moving forward, make a 90-degree turn to the left when available, and then left again shortly after.
  • After you spot an incline, prepare to dodge the babies and squeeze through a hole at the end of the cave.
  • Drop down the decline and turn right as you enter the waters again. Hug the right wall and keep moving.
  • Once you reach another light, you will see the Zipline Rope Gun on the floor.
  • And now, time for the great escape. You will need to zipline down on the other side, fight off a few more enemies, and get out of the cave, hopefully alive. Shakabra!

We hope you liked this guide. Check out the rest of our Sons of the Forest guides at the game tag below. See you soon!

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