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How to Get the 9mm Pistol in Sons of the Forest

Great tool (along with C4) to catch some fish, right?

by Nikola L

Pistols may seem like a redundant firearm in a lot of FPS games, regarded as some sidearms that are faster to switch to rather than reloading your assault rifle. But in hardcore survival horror games such as Sons of the Forest, you ought to bless and cherish that arms piece because it just might be the only thing separating you from your demise. Prima Games will help you get the 9mm Pistol in Sons of the Forest by providing you with a location of the Pistol, as well as the Pistol Rail attachment fairly close to it.

How to Find the 9mm Pistol in Sons of the Forest

The Pistol can be found in the Northwest Section of the Island. We have a screenshot ready for you, along with some navigation guides to help you:

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Screenshot by Prima Games

Basically, you will be able to see the matching coastline on the above-linked map (west shore, basically) and when you turn around, you will see a peculiar object in the open seas. The specific landmarks (lake and the river) are visible in close vicinity.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Where is the 9mm Pistol in Sons of the Forest

You will find the 9mm Pistol at the orange floating tent that’s hard to miss when you look at the open sea. You will need to swim for it. Before you start this Olympic gold medal effort, make sure that you are well-fed, well-rested, and not thirsty. It wouldn’t hurt you if you were at 100% Health, either.

Screenshot by Prima Games

We are saying this because there’s a shark out there, that you really won’t be able to fight back against. You will need to “time” your journey back from that small raft when you notice that it’s not swimming between you and the coast. It’s a make-or-break situation, so make sure to save the game before going in the deep blue.

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Where to Find the Pistol Rail in Sons of the Forest

The Rail is actually easy to find. From that spot you see in the screenshots above, move north up the coastline and you will see a small camp from which music is blasting. Next to a sitting corpse, you’ll see the Pistol Rail:

Screenshot by Prima Games

That’s it for this guide. Please make sure to check our Sons of the Forest tag for more content and, of course, stop by our YouTube channel as well. Until next time!

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