How to Obtain the Maintenace Keycard in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest? (Patch 02 Update)

Become the Doomslayer, or something...

Golden Armor is a fancy late-game outfit armor that you can find and use in Sons of the Forest. It has a very specific function, and while finding it is actually pretty easy in hindsight, it may take you some time to do it due to a certain prerequisite.

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Worry not, Prima Games loves Sons of the Forest, and we will be glad to show you where and how you can get your hands on the precious Golden Armor as you adventure through Sons of the Forest.

How to Get the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

You will also need the Rebreather, before we start this quest.

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How to Find the New Cave in Sons of the Forest – Patch 02

There has been an important update in Sons of the Forest (Patch 02) which we have covered here. This moves the Golden Armor to a new cave. Worry not, we have found the new location of the Golden Armor. Check out the southwest part of the Island. There’s a noticeable lake where you can find the entrance to the new cave.

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How to Find the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Within this cave, there is a lot of action. A LOT. It’s from our experience, the longest and most difficult cave so far. Make sure to be well-equipped with all the necessary supplies for this raid. You will have a lot of ropes to climb, a lot of slippery slopes to fall down through, a lot of golden-plated hallways to walk through (or run, if a crazy demon is chasing you), and a lot of underwater chasms to dive through, and eventually, you will be met with your glorious new armor (if you haven’t collected it already!). Here are a few screenshots that will help you with this. You will spot the Golden Armor as a full-body kit on a sitting corpse on some sort of a golden platform near the end of the cave

After you spot dead cultists on the ground, you will shortly need to drop down the ledge in order to progress through. You will swim a bit and then you will be forced to briefly dive underwater. After swimming out you will shortly see dead astronaut-looking corpses, and naturally, you’ll have to fight off a handful of demons. But there, in that “room”, you will see the platform with Golden Armor waiting for you.

Golden Armor is nerfed in Patch 02 and it reduces less damage from demon entities than usual. (from 90% to 70%)

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How Does the Golden Armor Work in Sons of the Forest?

You can equip the Golden Armor from the far right side of the inventory, where your clothes and armor are. You will notice that there is a golden bar right alongside your health bar when you equip it. We need to be clear from the start, no, this armor ain’t gonna get depleted from usage. However, its functionality is kind of limited.

The Golden Armor works wonders against demons you commonly see in the underground. However, if you encounter cannibals and other surface creatures, the Golden Armor won’t do anything against their attacks and you risk getting ripped to shreds.

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