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Where to Find the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest?

Become the Doomslayer, or something...

by Nikola L
How to Obtain the Maintenace Keycard in Sons of the Forest

Golden Armor is a fancy late-game outfit armor that you can find and use in Sons of the Forest. It has a very specific function, and while finding it is actually pretty easy in hindsight, it may take you some time to do it due to a certain prerequisite.

Worry not, Prima Games loves Sons of the Forest, and we will be glad to show you where and how you can get your hands on the precious Golden Armor as you adventure through Sons of the Forest.

How to Get the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Before you start your quest for the fabled Golden Armor, make sure that you have the Maintenance Keycard, which you can learn to find through our guide below:

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You will also need the Rebreather and the Rope Gun:

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After obtaining the Maintenance Keycard, you will be eligible to enter the facility where the Golden Armor is located in Sons of the Forest. This facility is located in the southeast sector of the map.

Facility Entrance Location on the map

Mind you, you first need to enter a cave that should be visible on your GPS. Once you go deep enough into the cave you will see a locked door that is supposed to be unlocked with the Maintenance card.

How to Find the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

As you progress through Level 2, you will see a variety of rooms that look very similar to each other, and in each room, you will be able to find something interesting, so make sure to check them thoroughly. Golden Armor should be on the sofa in the third room, waiting for you to pick it up. The Katana is nearby as well!

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How Does the Golden Armor Work in Sons of the Forest?

You can equip the Golden Armor from the far right side of the inventory, where your clothes and armor are. You will notice that there is a golden bar right alongside your health bar when you equip it. We need to be clear from the start, no, this armor ain’t gonna get depleted from usage. However, its functionality is kind of limited.

The Golden Armor works wonders against demons you commonly see in the underground. However, if you encounter cannibals and other surface creatures, the Golden Armor won’t do anything against their attacks and you risk getting ripped to shreds.

That’s it for this guide, folks. Make sure to check our Sons of the Forest tag for more SotF guides, search for another guide you need to see if we have it on Prima Games, and check out our YouTube channel!

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