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How to Get the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest

Breathe, breathe, and breathe again.

by Shawn Robinson
Sons of the Forest Character Customization

Like any good survival game, part of your progression is finding key items that assist in your exploration and survival. For something like Subnautica for example, you wouldn’t be able to complete the game without the Seamoth or Prawn Suit. With Sons of the Forest, one such item is necessary for underwater travel. Here’s how to get the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest.

Where is the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest

The Rebreather can be found by heading to the beach on the north side of the map, in the center. It’s almost impossible to miss, with a bit of extended sand near the very top. Once there, hug the left side of the beach until you spot a cave. Head in, and with a bit of traversal, you’ll find a water cave with the Rebreather sitting up on some of the nearby rocks. You’ll also find an oxygen tank, which you’ll need to find more of later.

Now before you get all antsy, don’t go into the water yet. There’s a massive shark inside looking to demolish you, so we suggest finding a way to deal with it without entering the water. Once it’s killed, you can head into the water and down the nearby cave to escape.

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Congratulations, you now have the Rebreather and can explore the deepest depths! There are a few key locations that require it for traversal, so enjoy snagging yourself some bonus loot and progression items. Just be sure to bring enough water for drinking as well, which our guide can help with.

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