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Where to Find the Commander Outfit Colors in Jedi Survivor

Command the Force.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Commander Outfit Jedi Survivor

Finding outfits is one of the best parts of searching for collectibles in Jedi Survivor, and one of the best styles so far has been the Commander Outfit. However, finding the new style is only half the battle in this game, and you’ll need to look for the customizable colors in separate chests.

What makes the Commander Outfit colors a bit easier than some other cosmetics to find is the close proximity. You’ll only need to search the Lucrehulk for most of this process, and to help you along the way, I’ll cover how to quickly find the remaining chests for this set.

Jedi Survivor – Where to Find the Commander Outfit Colors

Three pieces of this style exist for Cal to find and customize. The good news is that only two of them really need to be unlocked through exploration, which will save you some time as long as you already have enough Priorite on hand. Each location for the colors is listed below.

Commander Shirt Colors Location

Because the shirt must be purchased from Doma at her shop in Rambler’s Reach, the colors already come unlocked. Assuming you don’t need to look for more Priorite, this is an easy pickup, and that means there are really only two additional chests that need to be found for the full set.

Commander Jacket Colors Location

For the Jacket, spawn at the Hangar Rafters Meditation Point in the Viscid Bog. After spawning, move ahead and keep looking to the right. Take the first turn you see and follow another right afterward. You’ll find a green barrier and a climbable wall. Make your way through this section and claim the jacket colors in Jedi Survivor.

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Commander Pants Color Location

This chest is even easier than the jacket to unlock. Starting at the same Hangar Rafters Mediation Point on the Lucrehulk, simply look up. There is an electric tube that you can overcharge with the Electro Dart on BD-1. Afterward, look up, and you’ll see a small room that you can grapple up to. Claim your Commander Outfit colors, and now you can be on your way in Jedi Survivor.

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