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How to Open the Forest Gate in Jedi Survivor

Run, run, run, jump!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Forest Gate Jedi Survivor

Cal spends a lot of his time working on opening pathways that have been locked off from any adventuring Jedi, and now he needs to open the forest gate. Opening this path is the first step to reaching the Forest Array in the main story, and the good news is that the process is fairly simple.

Like so many other obstacles in Jedi Survivor, I can tell you that your Jedi acrobatics are most of what you will need to open up the gate and tear through the raiders. More obstacles are guaranteed in the Basalt Forest as well, but we will start with the main entry of this adventure into the Array.

Jedi Survivor – How to Open the Forest Gate

The Forest Gate is not located far from the Mantis or Pyloon’s Saloon, so there is no need to worry about long travels or riding a mount. You can find the main path to the gate on the left side of the Mantis platform, and the area is called Swindler’s Wash. Make sure to head there from straight ahead from the Nekko Stables at Rambler’s Reach.

There are two main paths in the Swindler’s Wash. You and BD-1 want to take the left side path where you will find plenty of walls and droids. Take out all the droids and use your wall run to progressively get higher and higher. When you reach the time, you will see a small ravine and the Forest Gate across from it in Jedi Survivor.

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Simply go to the right side and follow the path of droids until you can jump up onto the other side. You will eventually get to the other side where there is also a zipline post that can be activated for a shortcut. Run up ahead and take out the Bedlam Raiders. From here, you can open the forest gate and continue on the mission for the array in Jedi Survivor.

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