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How to Open the Door to Cere in Jedi Survivor

Don't wait forever.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Cere Door Jedi Survivor

After getting out of the massive sandstorm on Jedha, you can finally take a breath of fresh air in the Archives. From here, it’s time to get the rest of the Mantis Crew together in Jedi Survivor, but you’ll need to open the door to Cere before making any real progress.

As you walk up to the main door to the Archives, you’ll notice that nothing is moving. Most of the doors in Jedi Survivor either automatically move, or have an interact button for Cal to use. Neither of those works for the door to reach Cere, and I’m here to explain how to quickly get through the entrance on Jedha.

Jedi Survivor – How to Reach Cere

If you’re facing the main door to the Archives, you can look to the left and you’ll notice a long hollow trail in the wall. It might look like some extra decoration at first, but it’s actually the key to opening the door. Turn back around toward the entrance you walked in, and at the end of the hollow trail, you’ll see a ball that is highlighted with blue.

Hit this ball with Force Pull or Force Push to cause the ball to speed across the hollow trail. The ball will end up on the other side of the room and the entrance you arrive in will close. In turn, the door to Cere will open up and you can now start exploring the Archives in Jedi Survivor, or talk to the Mantis crew waiting for your arrival.

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I enjoyed the weirdly unique mechanic for opening doors at this point in Jedu Survivor, and it becomes a common puzzle mechanic later on Jedha. However, it quickly became a chore to wait for the ball to zip across the room and slowly open the other door any time I wanted to change locations. It’s not a big deal, but now you can at least open the door to reach Cere whenever you need to.

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