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How to Clean the Fish Tank in Jedi Survivor

Clean up the Saloon.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Fish Tank Jedi Survivor

Progressing in Jedi Survivor will eventually bring more characters to Pyloon’s Saloon and plenty of objects to interact with in your downtime as Cal. One of those objects is the fish tank found on the second floor of the Saloon that Skoova Stev takes control of shortly after meeting him.

If you have not seen the Aquarium in the Saloon just yet, the tank is always available to see on the first and second floor, but there will not be anyone tending to it. In our Jedi Survivor guide, we will go over how you can clean the fish tank and start adding more fish to the aquarium as a whole.

How to Clean the Fish Tank in Jedi Survivor

To start cleaning up the fish tank in Jedi Survivor, the first step is to find Skoova Stev. The tiny fisherman can be found in numerous areas throughout the game, including just outside the stables of Rambler’s Reach, so do not sweat finding the character too much.

Once you have recruited him, the fisherman will take over the aquarium in Jedi Survivor, and he hangs out on the second floor of the Saloon. Each time you talk to him afterward, he can make some extra progress on cleaning the fish tank. The amount of progress that you make is tied to how many fish Skoova Stev has already caught.

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With three or four fish caught, the fish tank will be almost pristine, and patrons of the Saloon can actually see what is inside the aquarium. Any of the rare fish that Skoova Stev catches in Jedi Survivor will also end up in the tank, so make sure to return when you find more and see all your progress. It is all for fun and games, so do not rush the process and enjoy a Skoova Stev story or two.

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