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How to Solve the Path of Conviction Puzzle in Jedi Survivor

Speed is king.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Path of Conviction Jedi Survivor

Three different puzzles exist around the open world of Jedha that lead to a final path and a map upgrade reward within Jedi Survivor. Before you can reach the reward though, you’ll need to complete the puzzles, including the Path of Conviction in the northern section of the map.

Unlike so many other puzzles in the game, there is a ton of mobility involved with the Path of Conviction, on top of the standard Jedha puzzle mechanics. This path may take a few tries to complete, and I certainly had to reset my attempt more than once, but this guide will move the process along. Here’s how to solve the Path of Conviction Puzzle in Jedi Survivor.

Jedi Survivor – How to Solve the Path of Conviction

You can find this path almost directly north in Jedha, and to reach the main puzzle point, it’s required for Cal to use the Upgraded Ascension Cable, which is earned on the Shattered Moon through the story. Use the cable to jump across the anchor points in the air until you reach the top. Look on the other side and there will be the puzzle itself.

When you jump down, there will be a ball in the wall, which you’ve likely seen all around Jedha. On the platform across there is another one, with a third sitting much higher to the left. All of these must be moved very quickly using Force Pull or Push to solve the Path of Conviction in Jedi Survivor. Don’t worry, it won’t be as confusing as the Crypt of Uhrma. But the process did take me a few attempts to get right.

Path of Conviction Puzzle Solution:

  • The first ball to your left, when you arrive, should be pushed first to open the platform above.
  • Afterward, jump across and push the second ball forward. As soon as you push, speed is the key.
  • Quickly use the ascension cable to reach the platform that was pushed out and pull the ball.
  • Then drop down and push the original ball back to its first spot.
  • Use the cable to jump back to your original starting point and push the first ball once again.

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If you did all of this fast enough, the ball will roll all the way to the top of the peak and the Path of Conviction will be complete. You can head back to the top and push the ball once more to claim your reward, which is always a Perk Slot for Cal to add more power in Jedi Survivor when completing a path.

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