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Where to Find Datadiscs in Jedi Survivor

One droid's trash is another droid's lost treasure.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Datadisc Jedi Survivor

Lost Treasures are one of the many collectibles that you can find in Jedi Survivor, and each planet has tons of the tiny items waiting to be discovered. Unlike Priorite though, the Datadiscs and Jedha Scrolls are much tougher to find based on location alone.

If you want to earn all of the items that Zee has in her shop at Pyloon’s Saloon, then finding Datadiscs around the galaxy in Jedi Survivor is a must. While the discs may not be as plentiful as the rare minerals, there are some guaranteed ways to find them at any point in the game.

Jedi Survivor – How to Get Datadiscs

To get all of the discs hidden around the game, you will have to find 60 different treasures, which isn’t as many as the Priorite, but it certainly took me a while just to find half. Because these are tied to Zee and the High Republic aspect of the game, you may be able to guess where the main locations are for the Datadiscs in Jedi Survivor.

Nearly every structure that is High Republic era in origin will have the discs hidden as treasure. Jedi Chambers and the Shattered Moon are just two examples of High Republic-based structures. The areas are always more advanced looking with plenty of white coloring. The Forest Array in the Basalt Forest would be another example.

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When you start to gather more of the Datadiscs, Zee will have some decent items available for purchase. One of the most important is an additional perk slot for Cal in Jedi Survivor. You can only buy one from Zee, so don’t worry about using the discs on other perks as well. There are plenty of treasures to go around and a store full of items.

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