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How to Ride a Mount in Jedi Survivor

Every Jedi needs some good transports.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Jedi Survivor Mounts

Soon after you reach Koboh for the first time in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you’ll meet some new Prospectors that tell you about Nekkos and the ability to ride them. However, even when you visit the stables, you’ll find that there isn’t an immediate option to ride a mount in Rambler’s Reach.

Despite there being an entire stable for Nekkos in the outpost, they can’t be purchased like a traditional RPG. Instead, Cal will have to learn some new moves for better transport. Our Jedi Survivor guide will cover how you can start riding mounts and taming the transport you need.

Jedi Survivor – How to Ride a Mount

You need the mount calling ability unlocked on Koboh to start taking alien fauna for a spin in Jedi Survivor. This is unlocked by playing through the main story. More specifically, you’ll need to reach the Basalt Forrest after Zee sends you on the Forest Array mission. It’s in this region that you’ll unlock the ability to tame Nekkos and Relters. With the ability, you’ll also get some new commands when exploring.

How to Tame a Mount in Jedi Survivor:

  • Unlock the ability to tame in the forest.
  • Click R3/RS to jump onto a Nekko or a Spammel.
  • When there is no mount next to you, hold R1/RB in the open world to summon one.
  • You can call these mounts at any time while exploring, and leave your favorite ones at a stable for safekeeping

Once you use the first taming ability on the Relter in the Basalt Forest, you won’t need to actually tame them anymore. They will appear as aerial transport at random spots in the world, but they can’t be used as an actual mount in Jedi Survivor. Only Spammels and Nekkos can be used for genuine free roaming.

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And if you want to save some time, I would definitely recommend using the mounts as often as you can on Koboh or Jedha. Some puzzles require them and you can move much faster. Cal won’t want to waste any time bringing those Priorite Shards back to Doma.

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