Where to Find the Brave Story Relic in Vampire Survivors

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How to Get Brave Story Relic Vampire Survivors
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The Vampire Survivors 1.9 patch has brought a handful of new content, with more to be expected down the line. Here’s where you can find the Brave Story relic in Vampire Survivors.

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How to Get the Brave Story Relic in Vampire Survivors

You can find the Brave Story Relic in Vampire Survivors on the new stage called Space 54. However, the Brave Story Relic cannot be picked up whenever; you must wait until 18:00 on the clock. I advise turning on Hyper mode if you have it unlocked to speed things up.

When the clock strikes 18:00, something similar to a pearl necklace will appear north of the starting location. Approach it and pick it up, but be fast because at 20:00, Red Death will strike, and you cannot kill it on the Space 54 stage.

Location of Brave Story Relic Vampire Survivors.
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What Does Brave Story Relic Do in Vampire Survivors?

Brave Story Relic randomizes your level-up choices in a run, relieving you of choice paralysis when it comes to choosing your powerups. You can only turn it on during Stage Selection, so be careful; there’s no turning back unless you abandon your run.

Is Brave Story Relic Good in Vampire Survivors?

If you’ve got a broken character where it doesn’t matter what you put on it, try it out and see if the time-saving from all those clicks you are not making is worth it. I think it would feel great to use with Twitch Mode if you’re a streamer. Trisection adds to the randomness of your run as well.

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