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Vampire Survivors Twitch Mode – How to Have Fun With Your Viewers or Friends

Have fun with this mode alone, with friends, or with a broad audience!

by Nikola L

Many popular games have Twitch Chat Mode nowadays, enabling a streamer’s audience to control some of the outcomes of the game being played on the livestream. Vampire Survivors caught up to this trend with the full release of the game, and here’s what you need to do to have fun with this twisted mode not many people are talking about.

Note that you do not need to be a (professional) streamer for this to work – you just need a valid account, and you can then have your friends troll you in chat while you are streaming to them privately in a Discord room, or while they’re watching you at a house party from a couch on a big screen.

How to Enable Twitch Chat Mode in Vampire Survivors

Enabling Twitch Chat Mode in Vampire Survivors is an easy process. You just need to head out to Options, and in the bottom-left corner, you will see “Enter your Twitch handle name to enable Twitch mode.”

Type in your Twitch username (without the website, etc.) and hit the red “Twitch connect” button.

And now, a mysterious Vampire Survivors bot will watch over your Twitch channel and will detect the chat inputs from various users. As mentioned, it does not matter if you stream on the linked Twitch channel. You only need to have people in the Twitch chat room for the linked channel, who will type in their choices when they appear on-screen. When you get fed up with Twitch mode, you can unlink the channel from the same menu. No confirmations of any kind are needed.

What Choices Can the Audience Make For You in Vampire Survivors Twitch Chat Mode?

When you level up your character, Twitch chat can choose whether you will choose option 1, 2, 3, or 4, or rather, reroll (5), skip (6), or banish (7), by typing in the appropriate number in the chat. The bot detects the number of messages sent to the chat. You will get a random choice if time runs out and there is a tie (or if nobody writes anything in the chat).
Events that do not usually occur in Vampire Survivors gameplay can also occur. In the screenshot below, there are three events the audience can vote on by typing “a,” “b,” or “c.” And that’s just one of many, many possibilities that can come up. We don’t want to spoil anything else.

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Screenshot by Prima Games

That’s about it for this guide. We hope you’ll enjoy being at the mercy of your viewers and/or friends in Vampire Survivors. Prima Games has in-depth coverage of both Vampire Survivors and the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC, so make sure to check out the appropriate tags for more cool stuff about this lovely indie game. Until next time!

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