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Does Vampire Survivors Have Multiplayer? Answered

Survive against Vampires... Together?

by Nikola L

Vampire Survivors is without a doubt a huge indie hit of 2022 and is already picking up various nominations on different platforms. It became viral during Early Access on Steam, and received a huge resurgence after it got its full release on PC and Xbox. The question that many players ask is “can you play Vampire Survivors in multiplayer?” and Prima Games is here to clarify.

Does Vampire Survivors Have Online Multiplayer?

We admit that a multiplayer function in Vampire Survivors would add a different dimension to the game. However, we have sad news for everyone. At this moment, Vampire Survivors sadly does not have an online multiplayer component. We haven’t heard any hint of this being implemented in the future yet, but by all means necessary we’ll stay on top of Vampire Survivors news and we’ll notify our readers if any multiplayer announcement is made.

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Does Vampire Survivors Have Local Co-Op Multiplayer?

Xbox players are mostly new to Vampire Survivors and are wondering if they can play the game with their friends locally. Prima Games would love it since our lunch breaks would be mostly spent on Vampire Survivors runs, but sadly, there is no local co-op available for Vampire Survivors (this goes for both Steam and Xbox). We hope that Poncle will manage to squeeze this function in someday, as it would once again, breathe new life into the game.

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Does Vampire Survivors Have Split-Screen Multiplayer on Xbox?

No, Vampire Survivors does not have split-screen multiplayer on Xbox. If the developer makes an announcement on the matter, we will update this article.

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