How to Unlock Space 54 Stage in Vampire Survivors

Let's see if there are any vampires in space.

How to Unlock Space 54 Stage Bonus Vampire Survivors
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Space 54 is a new bonus stage added in Vampire Survivors Patch 1.9. If you want to unlock Space 54 in Vampire Survivors, here’s what you need to do.

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How to Unlock Vampire Survivors’ Space 54 Stage

Below are the prerequisites for unlocking the Space 54 stage in Vampire Survivors. Be mindful that this is not an easy unlock and that it is time-consuming, so don’t expect to do so within minutes.

If you have just started playing Vampire Survivors, I advise you to enjoy the game without any pressure because this achievement WILL take a while. The first part requires you to gather about a dozen relics, which will take many, many runs; you can’t gather them all at once. Vampire Survivors is meant to be replayed repeatedly and to gradually unlock all achievements, collection items, stages, and bestiary entries.

If you are a Vampire Survivors veteran and have the prerequisites, enter any run and quit after a few seconds. This is necessary in rare cases when the game has not already processed that you are eligible to play the new stage.

Space 54 Stage Unlockables in Vampire Survivors

Without going into much detail (keeping it spoiler-friendly), you will be able to unlock the following stuff on Space 54:

Here’s what the minimap looks like. You’ll quickly notice that it’s (for the most part) only possible to move horizontally and vertically. However, stick around, and you’ll find a lot of fun stuff.

Thankfully, Prima Games has just about everything regarding Vampire Survivors covered, so if you are in a pickle, check out our Vampire Survivors achievement guide.

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