How to Survive 20 Minutes in Space 54 and Unlock Space Dude in Vampire Survivors

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How to Unlock Space Dude Vampire Survivors
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We finally have a character with a laser gun in Vampire Survivors. You must survive for 20 minutes in the new bonus stage, Space 54, to unlock Space Dude. Let me show you how.

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How to Survive 20 Minutes in Space 54 in Vampire Survivors

Surviving 20 minutes in Space 54 is tough, but the bigger issue is unlocking the Space 54 Bonus stage. By the time this is done, you will probably be experienced enough to survive 20 minutes on your own, but just in case, here’s the rundown:

  • Arcana IV – Awake will help you with additional revivals.
  • Buying PowerUps will increase your survivability and damage, prolonging your stay at a Stage.
  • Make sure to buy Defang and not take any Curse items and PowerUps.
  • Get your most powerful character. Yes, the one with many Golden Eggs (if you have one).
  • Turn on Hyper Mode since this effectively halves the time necessary to achieve this unlock.

Space Dude’s Abilities and Stats in Vampire Survivors

Space Dude has Phas3r as his starting weapon and quite an interesting ability, as shown in the in-game text:

“Fires all weapons every few seconds, regardless of their Cooldown. The cooldown of this ability is affected by the Cooldown stat.”

Space Dude’s core stats are:

  • Max Health: 100
  • Recovery: 0
  • Armor: 0
  • Move Speed: +40%
  • Might: 0%
  • Speed: 0%
  • Duration: 0%
  • Area: 0%
  • Cooldown: 0%
  • Amount: 0%
  • Revival: 0%
  • Magnet: 0%
  • Luck: 0%
  • Growth: 0%
  • Greed: 0%
  • Curse: 0%
  • Reroll: 0
  • Skip: 0
  • Banish: 0

As someone who maintains 100% achievements unlocked in Vampire Survivors, Space Dude cost me 3850 Gold to unlock.

How Good is Space Dude in Vampire Survivors?

Space Dude seems like a glass cannon to me. On paper, the special ability is miles ahead of the one of Bat Robbert’s, and if you focus on Cooldown, you can prove that offense is the best defense. However, I am not fully satisfied with the damage output, and I’d rather use someone else.

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