How to Get the Antidote Relic and Unlock Defang PowerUp in Vampire Survivors

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How to Get Antidote Relic and Unlock Defang PowerUp Vampire Survivors
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The Antidote is a brand new relic that came to Vampire Survivors in Patch 1.7, and with it comes a new Power Up as well, which is called “Defang.” If you love Vampire Survivors as much as we do at Prima Games and want to learn what Defang does and how you can find the Antidote Relic in Vampire Survivors, hop on in and welcome aboard!

Where to Find the Antidote Relic in Vampire Survivors

The Antidote Relic can be found on the Whiteout stage in Vampire Survivors. If you still need to unlock the stage, do that before attempting any of this. Once you are on the Whiteout stage, open your map by pausing the game (by either pressing/clicking/tapping the pause button in the top-right corner of the screen or pressing the designated Pause button).

You will see a small blue potion-shaped bottle down (south) from your starting location and an arrow pointer pointing in its direction. The Antidote Relic is located in the middle of a cave, as pictured below in a slideshow.

  • Location and Pickup of Antidote Relic in Vampire Survivors
  • Location and Pickup of Antidote Relic in Vampire Survivors
  • Location and Pickup of Antidote Relic in Vampire Survivors

You must access the cave from the southern entrance and pick up the Relic. There will be no special events after you pick up this Relic, so you can just move out and be on your way to do other fun stuff on this map, without worrying about ambushes. You can purchase the Defang PowerUp from the main menu after the run is completed (or if you just decide to leave after picking up this blue bottle).

What Does the Defang PowerUp Do in Vampire Survivors?

Defang PowerUp serves to weaken the enemies that are attacking you a bit, and the text is as follows:

“Enemies spawn unable to deal damage 3% of the times per rank (max 15%).”

Because I’ve purchased all other PowerUps before, Defang cost me:

  • 141442 gold for Rank 1
  • 155596 gold for Rank 2
  • 171163 gold for Rank 3
  • 188287 gold for Rank 4
  • 207121 gold for Rank 5

The base cost was 10/42/54/66/79, but realistically, you won’t purchase Defang early on. If you’re a seasoned veteran of Vampire Survivors, that’s just pocket change for you.

That’s all about the Antidote. Check out how to unlock She-Moon Eeta, the new character in Vampire Survivors. Make sure not to miss her!

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