How to Unlock the New Whiteout Stage in Vampire Survivors

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Vampire Survivors New Stage Whiteout
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Patch 1.7.0 has brought us a significant amount of new content in Vampire Survivors, and poncle deserves nothing but praise. Promises are kept, and promises are delivered, and if this keeps up, this game will have dozens of content expansions in the years to come, whether for the core game or a DLC. A new stage called Whiteout is now available in Vampire Survivors, and it looks like Christmas has come early this year. Here’s how to unlock the new Whiteout stage in Vampire Survivors.

How to Play the New Whiteout Stage in Vampire Survivors

To unlock the Whiteout Stage in Vampire Survivors, you must collect 20 Orologions on any of the stages in the game. Orologion looks like this in-game:

Where to Find Orologion in Vampire Survivors

Orologion can be found on any stage in Vampire Survivors that spawns light sources (lamps, torches, etc.), which you can break and get loot from. Chances that Orologion will drop from a light source are relatively slim, so be patient. This is one of those unlocks that takes time, and if you ask me, you shouldn’t specifically push for it if you are new to Vampire Survivors. It will happen when it happens. There are quite a few “long-run” unlocks in Vampire Survivors, and before you know it, they’ll be done before you finish the rest of the Achievements.

I Have Already Collected 20 Orologions, and the Whiteout Stage in Vampire Survivors is Not Unlocked. Help!

Do not worry about this; this is due to how the game has been programmed, and you will find that occurring very often with every new content if you are a regular player of Vampire Survivors. If you completed this feat before Whiteout was released, you should just get in any stage and leave it after 5-10 seconds. This is enough time for the game to “understand” that you’ve finished new feats. Remember this next time you encounter this situation.

On the Whiteout Stage, you can unlock Glass Fandango, a new weapon, a new PowerUp called Defang, and a new character, She-Moon Eeta—quite a lot of new content to explore in this free core game update.

And that’s not all this patch has to offer! There is a relic called Chaos Altemanna that I’d recommend checking out, as well as other Vampire Survivors stuff at the game tag below.

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