How to Unlock Chaos Altemanna Relic in Vampire Survivors

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How to Get Chaos Altemanna Vampire Survivors
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Since its release, Poncle has consistently delivered on promises of new content for Vampire Survivors, earning a strong reputation in the gaming community. Patch 1.7 offers quite a lot of new content you can unlock, and one of the new things you can collect is the Chaos Altemanna relic. In this guide, I’ll show you what Chaos Altemanna does in Vampire Survivors and how you can get it.

Where to Find Chaos Altemanna Relic in Vampire Survivors

The Chaos Altemanna relic can be found on the Tiny Bridge stage in Vampire Survivors, so make sure you have the stage unlocked. The stage is a narrow bridge, but it’s not tiny by any means. It’s infinitely long to the left and to the right.

You will inevitably run into the Chaos Altemanna relic by going left on the Tiny Bridge stage. You can always check your map to monitor your progress to ensure you will get it. It looks like a metal egg, sort of.

You will be able to spot a small terrace on the bridge where Chaos Altemanna will be waiting for you to pick it up. After you pick up the relic, a handful of monsters will attack you, but they shouldn’t be a problem for you, and you will get rid of them relatively quickly. Or you can just run away from them or simply close the run, because the game will remember that you’ve picked the relic up.

However, if you didn’t unlock a secret at this stage yet, you could go for that:

What Does Chaos Altemanna Do in Vampire Survivors?

Chaos Altemanna allows you to evolve our good boy O’Sole Meeo and his weapon, Celestial Dusting. Its evolution is pretty powerful and works similarly to the Bone evolution. I have not noticed any other applications for Chaos Altemanna in Vampire Survivors so far. If I do dig up something in the future, I will make sure to provide an update here.

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