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How to Unlock Tiny Bridge in Vampire Survivors

Another Mythology Reference in Vampire Survivors, who would have thought?

by Nikola L

Poncle is keeping the promise of updating Vampire Survivors with new content despite the full release of the game being done and fully released a while ago. We are getting a new stage in Vampire Survivors. It is going to be a Challenge stage that will once again have an atypical shape and a couple of new enemies. In this guide, Prima Games continues its dedication to reporting on Vampire Survivors’ new unlockables. It seems to us that the new stage in Vampire Survivors has something to do with ancient Japanese (Shinto) mythology, namely the Thunder God Raijin (雷神), and Fujin (風神) the Wind God, and this stage may depict their fight on a bridge.

How to Unlock Hyper Tiny Bridge in Vampire Survivors

The hyper version of Tiny Bridge should be automatically unlocked for you after you get the regular Tiny Bridge. And the way you unlock the Tiny Bridge is to reach Level 80 with any character on the Inverse version of Gallo Tower. In order to invert the Gallo Tower, you need to get Gracia’s Mirror Relic. Guide for this is available here on Prima Games:

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Screenshot by Prima Games

Upon unlocking the inverted Gallo Tower, just play out a run on it, and after you reach Level 80, you can leave the run, as the game will count your achievement anyway. There are no specific tips to become Level 80, other than ensuring your survival through powerful offense (and let’s face it, you have all the necessary offensive tools unlocked if you are in a position to even play this stage) and strategy regarding some passive items (Tiragisu for revivals, Crown for bonus Experience). One more cool tip would be to enable the Endless mode (you need the Seventh Trumpet relic for this) just to ensure that no evil Reapers will come your way after 30 minutes.

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That’s it for this guide. We thank you for stopping by at Prima Games, and we invite you to browse our other Vampire Survivors guides for any unlock that you might be missing. Here is a screenshot of the new level if you can’t wait to see it yourself, thumbnailed if you want to dodge a spoiler:

Screenshot by Prima Games