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How to Unlock Trisection and Chaos Rosalia Relics and the Map of Astral Stair in Vampire Survivors

Three Relics? On ONE Challenge Stage? In MY Vampire Survivors?

Ok, first of all, this stage is mega weird. Yes, I am saying this after all of the stuff I’ve seen in Vampire Survivors so far. However, a lot of content can be unlocked here, including the two new relics called Trisection and Chaos Rosalia, and the new minimap for this Challenge Stage. Patch 1.5.0 was quite unexpected and caught us all by surprise, but the community is already having tons of fun, so let’s show you how to unlock Chaos Rosalia and Trisection in Vampire Survivors.

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How to Unlock All New Relics on Astral Stair in Vampire Survivors – Astral Stair Unlocks Explained

This Challenge Stage might be small, but there’s a lot of stuff to do and a lot of stuff to unlock. Three new relics can be obtained at this stage and I will be more than glad to show you how to get each and every one of them. Make sure to check out the Patch Notes article if you want to know what’s new in the 1.5.0 Update.

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Table of Contents for Every Unlock in Astral Stair Challenge Stage in Vampire Survivors

How to Unlock the Minimap of Astral Stair in Vampire Survivors

As a short introduction to this stage, I’ll give you hints on how it actually works. It was really, REALLY trippy the first time I went about it, so I have the desire to prevent this from happening to you. First of all, here’s the tl;dr of the map which will be followed with the explanations of my scribbles, along with the details of this entire map in text form:

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Points of interest are as follows:

  • Starting position is close to the merchant that you can see at the half of the hallway.
  • The blue arrow indicates the “passage” between the top and the bottom of the hallway. Those are the doors at the ends of the hallway.
  • The yellow arrow indicates the “passage” for the Chaos Rosalia Relic. Circles are the doors between which you will be taken.
  • The red arrow indicates the “passage” for the Minimap Relic. Circles are the doors between which you will be taken.
  • The green arrow indicates the “passage” for the Trisection Relic. Circles are the doors between which you will be taken.
  • Pink circles are the doors to less relevant items in the run (the guns) and the Cosmic Gold Finger challenge pickups.

When you first come to the stage, you’ll be sitting on a chair (or a throne, rather). As soon as you move out, you’ll partially lose control of your character and you will be dragged down, only being able to move left and right. This is not a reason for concern. Just let it play out.

Screenshot by Prima Games

After landing, you will see a weird Inlaid Library-like hallway that goes up and down, and when you open the map, you will see some hand icons with index fingers pointing up, along with the Relics. Reaper shows up at 20:00, so let’s get going, there’s no time to waste.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t cheated in this level, although I see the possibility of using Queen Sigma and picking Mad Groove Arcana to just reel in EVERYTHING on this map. I would find that anti-immersive, and I assure you, it’s rather easy to get these relics, so at least try finishing it the way it’s intended.

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As you roam up and down this hallway, there are doors that we will greatly need. In the screenshot below, the door is just left of Queen Sigma, so make sure to remember what it looks like. It’s kind of like a “Spade” symbol in playing cards.

Screenshot by Prima Games

You can enter each of these doors by pushing your character up, straight into the middle of the door. A brief “flash” will happen, and you will find yourself in a different room. There are five “levels” of these rooms, each one hidden by another door. At the very top of the hallway, you have a door that leads to the bottom of the hallway and vice versa.

For the purposes of finding the Minimap Relic for Astral Stairs, you need to simply move down and left from your starting position. The door that leads to the Minimap Relic is literally just a few seconds away from you, on the left wall of the hallway.

You will need to pass a few more doors and, eventually, you will wind up in a big room pictured below, which is filled with chairs. Proceed down and follow the green arrow to get your minimap relic.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The chairs will start attacking you a lot, so make sure to grab that map and run the heck out, there’s more stuff to unlock in this stage. You can either leave the stage or go back to the way you came from.

Screenshot by Prima Games

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How to Unlock Chaos Rosalia Relic in Vampire Survivors

The principle of the doors works the same on each part of this stage, but if you are hunting for the Chaos Rosalia Relic, I’ll show you how to easily get it.

Chaos Rosalia Relic is hiding behind the door that’s very near the top, so you need the door before the last one (if you get to the very last door, these will send you all the way to the bottom). To be precise and to provide an alternate method of locating it -> it’s the second door on the left wall when you start moving up.

After fighting your way through multiple doors, you will be able to claim the Chaos Rosalia Relic (another Sonic reference is fairly obvious).

Here is what the Chaos Rosalia Relic looks like in action, it’s just right of my Queen Sigma.

Screenshot by Prima Games

What Does the Chaos Rosalia Relic Do in Vampire Survivors?

Chaos Rosalia Relic has a simple text:

“Allows Yatta Cavallo to morph when reaching Level 80”. Spoiler alert – here’s what the morphed (evolved) Yatta Cavallo looks like:

Screenshot by Prima Games

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How to Evolve Cherry Bomb and Morph Yatta Cavallo in Vampire Survivors

Evolving the Cherry Bomb in Vampire Survivors is possible in two ways:

  1. By having the above-mentioned Chaos Rosalia Relic and playing as Yatta Cavallo (unlock him by beating 3000 Lion Heads) until Level 80, which will cause Yatta Cavallo to morph automatically.
  2. By directly picking up the Evolved version of Cherry Bomb called Yatta Daikarin.

Yatta Daikarin can be randomly obtained by finishing “challenges” within Astral Stairs (the hands with index fingers pointing up). These challenges are called “Cosmic Fingers”.

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Screenshot by Prima Games

The Yatta Daikarin is a fairly powerful weapon. It will still throw Cherry Bombs all over the place, but it will also throw stars (constellations) at nearby enemies.

How Does the Cosmic Gold Finger Challenge Work in Vampire Survivors Astral Stairs Stage?

When you pick up a Cosmic Finger, you become immune to all the damage and significantly more powerful for a limited amount of time. In the upper-right corner, you will be getting a counter that will display how many enemies you have slain under this effect. When the timer runs out (hidden from your sight) the reward is given out to you based on your performance (kills) which is divided into five different tiers:

  • Bronze: 0
  • Silver: 500 + Player Level
  • Gold: 1000 + Player Level x2
  • Demon: 1500 + Player Level x3
  • Cosmic: 2500 + Player Level x4

Rewards for these tiers are as follows:

  • Bronze: healing + bouncy weapon if the player has less than six total items
  • Silver: coins + healing + Little Clover + random pickup between Gilded Clover, NFT, or Rosary.
  • Gold: coins + floor chicken + treasure chest (no evo)
  • Demon: coins + treasure chest (with evos)
  • Cosmic: coins + treasure chest (with evos) + random weapon (should be Greatest Jubilee, Torrona’s Box, Victory Sword). In some cases, you will get a Candybox if you own fewer than six weapons. If you own less than seven weapons, the Yatta Daikarin might show up, unless you already have an “anima” weapon (Yatta Daikarin obtained through regular means, or Evolved Bone.)

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How to Unlock Trisection Relic in Vampire Survivors

Trisection is the last relic on this stage and it has a cool “Randomize” option in your stage select screen, which reads “Random Events”. Remember that Twitch mode in Vampire Survivors? Well, now something like that is available without having to wait for the system to automatically pass a random event if you’re playing Twitch Mode offline. (These are not compatible with one another according to poncle).

Trisection is located in the bottom section of the big starting hallway. From the start, you are to hit the third door on the left wall (remember the first doors towards the bottom lead to the map relic).

After clearing a few rooms, you’ll find the Trisection Relic. It looks like a gray/black disc, similar to the one that keeps spinning in the bottom-right corner of your screen at this stage.

Screenshot by Prima Games

That’s literally everything that you can unlock in this new Astral Stair Challenge Stage. We hope you’ve enjoyed it, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading the rest of our Vampire Survivors coverage at the game tag below, where you will find stuff like Vampire Survivors Fanatics, You’re Getting an Animated Series (TV Show) to Obsess Over Now Too, or additional unlocks for this patch such as Mt. Moonspell Map and Lake Foscari Map.

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