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How to Unlock the New Minimap Relic on Lake Foscari in Vampire Survivors

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by Nikola L

It’s been around a month since the release of the critically-acclaimed Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari DLC, and Poncle has decided to provide a refreshing update to not just Tides of the Foscari DLC, but the good ol’ Legacy of the Moonspell DLC as well. New Relic is now finally out, you can get it and reveal the full map of Lake Foscari. Here’s how you can find and unlock the new Minimap Relic in Vampire Survivors.

How to Get the New Minimap Relic on Lake Foscari in Vampire Survivors

Important prerequisite: Get the new engine beta on Steam. Or wait for the full release of this patch on all platforms (if you do not see the green arrow at the start of the run nor the notification in the level select, it’s not out)

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Getting the New Minimap Relic is fairly easy. From the start of the map, you need to cross the river to get to the northern side by either going over the left footbridge or by going through the right maze. See the screenshots below:

  1. Pre-game notification that there are relics on the map
  2. Location of the Relic on the old minimap
  3. The position you are looking to be at in order to find the relic (Relic is covered by the chest under our character)

Where to Find the New Minimap Relic on Lake Foscari in Vampire Survivors

Well, what do you know, it’s another hidden chamber on Lake Foscari (which hides the Relic you are after). As you start moving down to the tree line, you will see the change on your screen that shows the entrance on the left side of the northern wall of this chamber.

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Immediately after you pick up the relic you will have access to a full-fledged minimap. That’s all for this guide!

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