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Vampire Survivors Fanatics, You’re Getting an Animated Series (TV Show) to Obsess Over Now Too

Never go full anime. You just went full anime.

by Nikola L

Well, this came as a big surprise. No, I get it; Vampire Survivors was one of the hottest indie games of 2022 (and won the GOTY award on Prima Games!) and has two splendid DLCs. There’s a big community that has tens of thousands of loyal followers that tried it out as a weekend project, and now a deal has been struck to make an animated series. Or better said, a TV Show.

Vampire Survivors Animated TV Show? April Fools? Nah, this is real!

According to a Deadline report, Story Kitchen will partner with poncle to create an animated TV show soon™.

Based on this report, it seems that Story Kitchen decided to give Vampire Survivors a shot, even though it looked just “yet another vampire-themed game” probably based on the title. Well, they have made the same mistake I did (and probably you, too) and got hooked big time. It’s at this point redundant to state that Vampire Survivors guides are putting food on my table.

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As previously mentioned, Vampire Survivors was awarded our GOTY 2022 and also received recognition at the BAFTA Game Awards.

Vampire Survivors doesn’t really have a story, and many things are subject to interpretation by the player (inb4 Spongebob Imagination meme), and so far, we haven’t found the infamous vampire after a long early access phase, the 1.0 release, Legacy of the Moonspell, and Tides of the Foscari.

They are still looking for a writer, and the theme of the story will be (of course) in Italy, with the main villain Bisconte Draculo being pitted against the Belpaese family. Check out the tweet below.

As for me… Well, Prima Games is probably going to explore reviews of animated TV shows soon enough.

Source: ‘Vampire Survivors’ Video Game In Works As Animated Television Series From Story Kitchen

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