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Where is Kass in Tears of the Kingdom? – Answered

Where is our favorite accordian player?

by Kara Phillips

The Legend of Zelda franchise has been home to many lovable characters throughout its timelines, so it’s no surprise that Tears of the Kingdom is also brimming with memorable folk to accompany the adventure. Still, while there are hundreds of lovable characters, both old and new, there’s a noticeable hole left in the cast where some of the most popular characters from Breath of the Wild are missing. Sure, there’s a lot to love about the new experience Tears of the Kingdom presents, including its cast, but the whole adventure is incomplete without certain people or certain Rito’s if you want to get specific.

Is Kass in Tears of the Kingdom?

Unfortunately, there are currently no signs of Kass in Tears of the Kingdom. Among the hundreds of NPCs you will meet throughout Hyrule, the skies, and the depths, there’s a noticeable lack of accordion-playing Rito. Although many players may rejoice that they won’t finally solve a challenging puzzle and be greeted with the soft sound of an accordion in the distance, Tears of the Kingdom definitely sings a sadder song. However, that’s not to suggest that Kass will never debut in the title, and while there are no concrete plans for any DLC, there’s no use pulling the never card this early into release.

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What’s even more unusual about the lack of Kass in Tears of the Kingdom, though, is that no NPCs will talk about him as they do with other characters. Kass’ family is even available to visit in Rito Village, but they don’t speak much about Kass or even hint toward his current-day existence in Hyrule. Occasionally, Kass’ child will occasionally recall fond memories of their Dad, and another Rito NPC mentions a ‘renowned bard’ during a side-quest, which heavily hints toward Kass’ past, but that’s about it.

It’s surprising, really, given how integral Kass was in terms of story development in Breath of the Wild, and the emphasis Tears of the Kingdom has on Link’s past and the memories you find along the way would’ve provided a perfect platform for Kass’ melodic reflections. But even though he’s not ready to spin his yarn and play his tune right now, there’s still hope should Tears of the Kingdom receive a well-needed Kass addition, or at least a development for his story, but until then, we are left to wonder where he fled during the calamity.